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Women reveal what makes them Swipe Right on Tinder & Where do Indian men stand?

Why Do Women Swipe Right on Tinder? Women on the internet have dropped some factors!


  • How many Indians use Tinder?
  • Factors that women keep in mind while swiping right

Love, romance and relationships are a bit complicated these days. Finding the person who can give out the same vibe as you is hard. But as they say, you need to keep meeting people so that you know what works for you! Tinder is a popular dating app across India. Many young Indians use it to meet new people and to find the right date for themselves. 

Talking about India, Delhi/NCR is the most active city on Tinder followed by Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chandigarh. In a study, it was revealed that Indian men struggle to get a swipe right on Tinder and the reasons will leave you with food for thought. According to a study, a lot of Indian women prefer white men on Tinder, and have serious issues with Indian men and some of them are not unjustified.

Let’s face the brutal truth, some Indian men can seem very creepy. From starting off the conversations about the sex to subtly asking women how many sexual partners they have had turns off the women right there. It also a great example of their hypocrisy, who are horny as hell, but still prefer to have sex with virgins. Ofcourse, not all men are the same but personal questions right at the start of a conversation can make any woman uncomfortable.  Many Indian men have shared their experience on Quora how they didn’t get a single swipe right on Tinder and later decided to uninstall it.

Well, we decided to write down some important qualities that women look for before swiping right on Tinder.

1. Be you – The real You

Many women believe that sometimes men show off too much and that’s what is a deal breaker. It’s important to be you – They mean the real you. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Try striking authentic conversations that’s what women want. A woman on the internet revealed that humour is the key!  What makes you swipe right or left is not the profile pictures. Do not pick up bio from Google.

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As per a report, over 85 percent of Indian women find a man’s education as the biggest turn –on while looking for a match on dating app. On the other hand, 86 per cent men believe that a good profile picture works for them!

2. If someone immediately starts talking about Sex, it is a major turn off

Imagine someone asking you creepy questions. It makes you utterly uncomfortable and it is a major turn off. In that case, women do not even want to meet. Women reveal that a lot of men are looking for no –strings- attached sex. The problem is people who sign up on tinder misplace their intentions and the moment they don’t get what they want, they don’t even indulge in chit – chat.

3. Don’t be uptight

Another woman revealed that it is important to play it cool. Some people write on their profiles –‘ Don’t waste my time if you don’t want to get to know me’. Well, no one owes you anything so keep it cool.

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4.  Another woman pointed out that Indian men are boring and all they want is – Sex. They do not have anything interesting to offer. Tinder can be much more than that.

5. If you are married, what is the point of being on Tinder?

Another 27- year- old woman revealed that even married men are also using Tinder and the best part is – they put up pictures with their wife. They put up a line which says – Looking for a HookUp! A lot of women believe – If you are married, you should not be on Tinder.

However, women revealed that if the first date goes well, they do not hesitate to take the lead. In a survey, women revealed that who sends the message first hardly matters if they like the other person. In fact, a lot of them use whatsapp to express their feelings and like to take things forward.

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