Swachh Delhi app Relaunched to combat air pollution

Swachh Delhi app Relaunched to combat air pollution

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Swachh Delhi app along with the civic agencies

In order to combat air pollution, the Delhi government has recently re-launched the Swachh Delhi app along with the civic agencies in order to empower citizens.

According to the government, citizens could further register their complaints against garbage, plastic, dry leaves burning in the open, polluting vehicles and even industries and construction sites causing the dust pollution by using the app.

Through the Swachh Delhi app, the citizens can also send photographs of any activity which is directly causing air pollution. Launching the app, the deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia said that this decision was taken by the Delhi government following a high-level meeting with Najeeb Jung the Lieutenant Governor, Central government and other stakeholders during some recent meetings in order to tackle air pollution in the city.

Swachh Delhi app
Swachh Delhi app

Moreover, the Swachh Delhi app has been updated while considering the increase in air pollution in Delhi in the last few days. In last year December, the AAP government had launched this app which could enable the residents to apprise authorities of the unclean areas of the city.

The government will now be monitoring these complaints on a daily basis during the course of this winter which witnesses rising air pollution.

Sanitary inspectors will supervise the procedure

Through this Swachh Delhi app the complaints will be forwarded to the concerned department and teams will be further immediately dispatched in order resolve the problem. Sanitary inspectors will supervise this procedure.

If in any case these issues are not further resolved properly then the sanitation inspectors have to give an explanation.

Swachh Delhi app
Garbage issues

“A fine will also be imposed on them (sanitation inspectors) which they would have to pay from their own salary. We are now finalising legalities to ensure an SDM oversees this entire process,” Sisodia added. The urban development department will be tracking some important statistics and data like how many complaints are being lodged and which areas have maximum complaints.

Senior officials from the MCDs and some of the concerned agencies have been roped in to further keep a strict eye on how the field staff will respond to these complaints.

The main aim of this Swachh Delhi app is air pollution caused due to the burning of garbage and leaves, traffic, industrial and dust pollution. Further, an auto- generated message will also be provided to the complainant through software, said a senior government official.

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