Remembering ‘Swag Minister Sushama Swaraj’, a woman who was always on Nation’s service 

Sushama Swaraj, a woman who was known as ‘Jan Ki Neta’


Dear Sushama Ji,

Here is a thank you note to you on the behalf of every strong woman. It’s been a year since you bid a final goodbye to all of us. We are now left with mere memories. Your aura and charisma is something that cannot be forgotten.  Your contribution to Indian politics is incredible. Thank you for always being fearless and being available for the people of the nation.

Sushama Swaraj was known as the Jan Ki Neta.  August 6 marks the first death anniversary of Sushama Swaraj. She died due to a cardiac arrest last year. Today, politicians from all walks of life are pouring tribute to the strong lady.  Here a few things that she has in her kitty! Indeed she is a true inspiration to millions of women out there.

(1952- 2019)

1. Sushama Swaraj was the youngest cabinet minister in Haryana government. She went on to become the first woman chief minister of Delhi.  She didn’t stop here. Later, she became the first woman spokesperson for a national political party in the country.

2. She did some commendable work during her tenure as external affairs ministers. She handled some sensitive issues with utmost grace which included Indo- Pak and Sino – India relations. Notably, she was called Jan Ki Neta because she was always just a tweet away. She was very active on social media.

3. The way she resolved the prickly Doklam standoff between Indians and Chinese will be remembered forever.

(A strong woman)

4. Swaraj was a well-read woman and was a brilliant orator. Always right on facts and she used to speak with conviction. She was respected all across the globe. Sushama Swaraj was a law graduate and she used to practise in the supreme court.  Notably, she was elected 7 times as the member of parliament.

5. Her fiery speech of 1996 was last year trending when Article 370 was revoked. Interestingly, her last tweet too came on the same. She wrote, “ Thank you Prime Minister. Thank you very much! I was waiting to see this day. “ After that, she was taken to AIIMS where she was declared dead.

Take a look at the speech:

What an orator she was! Her death was an end of a golden chapter of Indian politics.


Sushama braved odds to marry, she taught us –‘ Love matters’


Sushama Swaraj was married to his husband for 44 years.  They enjoyed a heart-warming camaraderie with each other and their story was known to all. Their love story started in their college days.  She was bold even when it came to love life. There was a time when Sushama Swaraj said she wanted to quit politics to spend more time with her husband.

(Love and commitment)

 Their love wasn’t a bed of roses. Their family were against the decision as she came from an orthodox Haryana family but she took a stand. And proved you need to take a little pain to be with someone who you love!

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