What to believe? From Sooraj Pancholi to Dino Morea, many names are being linked to Sushant’s death

CBI is now investigating Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, here are some latest updates from the case!

August 5 became a special day for the fans of Sushant Singh Rajput as the case was finally handed over to the CBI. A lot of them took to social media to celebrate the first step towards the victory. Notably, Sushant’s ex-partner Ankita Lokhande too welcomed this decision. In fact, some of them linked it to the construction of Ram Mandir and wrote that now finally the justice will be delivered. They said now God himself will help in unravelling the truth.

In all these 51 days, a lot has been said and written about his death. Initially, it was declared a suicide case. Later, fans, family, and friends said person like Sushant can’t commit suicide. Moreover, the way Mumbai Police handled the situation also raised a lot of questions.  So many theories are doing rounds on social media, it has become really difficult what to believe. Apart from Rhea, there are many names that are being linked to his death.

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Here are a few names that have been linked to the case and how they have reacted on it:

1. Sooraj Pancholi: This name has been under the radar since June 14. A lot of theories are doing the rounds about his link with Sushant’s ex-manager Disha Salain. According to some reports in media, there was something that Sushant knew about them. Apparently, both of them were murdered, the reports claimed.

2. Mitu Singh: There is a viral video on the internet where Mitu Singh was seen talking to Sandip Singh (Sushant’s friend) after his demise in a very casual way. Some people even went on to claim that she was involved in his death conspiracy.

3. Dino Morea: There were reports of being a party hosted a day before Sushant’s demise. It was claimed that Dino Morea hosted that party and many high profile politicians were invited. Later, Dino Morea tweeted about the same and said that he has nothing to do with the case.

4. Aditya Thackery: This has shocked everyone. A name which is being taken constantly after Sushant’s death. Finally, after 50 days of Sushant’s death, he broke his silence and said, “Dirty politics is being played in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.”

5. Sandip Singh: A man who is claiming to be Sushant’s close friend is also under radar. A lot of people have questioned his role in Sushant’s death. He was not in touch with him from the last few years. In fact, he is also not firm on his statements. First, he said he don’t know what went wrong with Sushant. On the other hand, he said, a person like Sushant cannot commit suicide.

Well, now the entire nation is hopeful that the justice will be delivered soon. CBI has taken over the case.  Call details of Sushant are now out in media. According to his last call details, Rhea and Sushant didn’t talk to each other from 8 June to 14 June.

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