Surrogacy Bill passed in Lok Sabha: How it can boost adoption in our country?

Parul Srivastava

Surrogacy Bill passed in Lok Sabha: 10 important points you need to know

Surrogacy Bill Passed in Lok Sabha – The Surrogacy Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha in 2016. The Bill was finally passed in Lok Sabha on December 19, 2018. Notably, the bill bans the commercial surrogacy and allows it only among close relatives. The proposed law allows surrogacy for couples that cannot have children.

How it can boost adoption?

Health Minister JP Nadda said the main aim of the bill was to stop commercial surrogacy but at the same time save families by allowing them to have children and embrace parenthood using modern science According to experts, Surrogacy services were easily available. People used to hire surrogate to have children. As the law has now banned commercial surrogacy, it will definitely boost adoption in our country. It is a big decision and is in the interest of all women and children. The draft law also has a provision which says –  One could be sentenced 10 years of imprisonment and could be fined Rs. 10 Lakh for violations such as abandoning a child and choosing commercial surrogacy. Health Minister J P Nadda termed the legislation historic.

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Here 5 points you need to know about this historic decision

1. The Bill says the surrogate mother and the couple wants to have her child must be close relatives

2. The Bill ensures regulation of surrogacy in India, prohibiting commercial surrogacy. The Bill allows altruistic surrogacy to Indian married couple who cannot bear child.

3. Homosexuals, Single parents and live – in couples are also not allowed to have children via surrogacy in India.

4. The bill allows only Indian citizens to avail of surrogacy. Foreigners, non –resident Indians and people of Indian origin are not allowed to seek surrogate mothers in the country.

5. The law would give a boost to adoption in India. This is really a welcome change. Hope this will bring a positive change in our society.

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