Neither Flying Jatt Nor Drona! These 5 Superheroes Deserve A Bollywood Break

Here is a list of 5 famous Indian comic book Superheroes Deserve A Bollywood Break


  • Shakti
  • Super commando Dhruva
  • Parmanu
  • Bheriya
  • Doga

There is one aspect that no one can deny that the Bollywood film industry is lacking badass and unique superheroes. We cannot always depend on Krish for saving the day. As most of our superhero films have drastically failed, creators should dig deeper into our Indian comic books. They will be shocked to come across so many stories that can be showcased beautifully on screen. Here is a list of 5 famous Indian comic book Superheroes Deserve A Bollywood Break.

5 famous Indian comic book Superheroes Deserve A Bollywood Break.

  1. Shakti

Chandra is the host for the spirit of shakti. She was an ordinary housewife until one day discovered that her husband was killing their daughters. The goddess Kali uses Chandra’s body to transform into Shakti and deliver justice. Kali is the destroyer of demons and represents woman power. She has a raging desire to get justice for women in the man’s world.

The distress cries from any woman anywhere in the world turn our ordinary Chanda into a ferocious killer known as Shakti. She can produce fire and melt metals to produce weapons. She can travel at the speed of light. A badass female superhero, that is what we need.

2. Super commando Dhruva

This character was created by Anupam Sinha and was first published in 1987. Super commando Dhruva operates in a frictional Indian city of Raj Nagar. He is the founder of the fictional government-approved crime-fighter organization commando force.

A unique thing about him is, he does not possess any superpowers. However, he develops one with his intellect, scientific knowledge, detective skills, martial arts and acrobatic skill, unparalleled willpower, and a determination to eliminate evil from this world. There were plans to introduce him with a small budget web series but that got shelved.

3. Parmanu

The character which is inspired by Atom has an interesting backstory and character arc. Vinay on finding out that the head of police is responsible for the death of his friend gets full of rage. However, was rescued by his maternal uncle who introduces him to a costume that can make him Parmanu. Vinay aka Parmanu goes on his quest to fight corruption, bureaucracy and avenge his friend’s murder.

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The suit provides him several atomic base powers, teleportation, and shrink rays.

4. Bheriya

Look for a good redemption and revenge story of an underdog? Here comes Bheriya. More than 50000 years ago a kingdom of highly evolved and equipped wolves existed called Wolfano where the king was Wolfa. The king duped and married a human princess Survaiya and together had a baby called Kobi.

Eventually, Survaiya discovered the trick of Wolfa and left him and Kobi to marry another king. Hence, Wolfano gets destroyed but Guru Bhatiki, the main savior and priest of Wolfano saves Kobi from being killed and then raises him. Kobi was converted into a fearsome warrior.

When Kobi and Survaiya collide in later years, Survaiya curses Kobi in rage to convert into a golden statue. 50000 years later the curse was lifted and Kobi found himself in a jungle of Assam and started his new life with the name Bheriya. He has a towering figure with a twisting tale and glowing eyes. He protects his native forests with passion and people worship him as a wolf god.

5. Doga

Created by Tarun Kumar Vahi, Sanjay Gupta, and Artist Manu in 1992, Doga is the first and an antihero character of the Raj Comics.

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Deeply affected by his past and the cruelty of his life, circumstances often forced Suraj to fight against evil and lose everyone he ever loved. Suraj concealed his identity behind a dog mask. That gave him the name Doga.

To eliminate all the evils against humanity he does not believe in upholding the laws and rules of the world, since he considers the whole system corrupt. The character is skilled in martial arts, marksmanship, and immense physical strength.

This was our list of the Cool Indian Superheroes. Are there any other Superheroes deserve a Bollywood break? Tell us in the comment section.

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