Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019: Get ready to witness some amazing pictures

Parul Srivastava

 Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019: Get all deets here

Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019: January 2019 is going to be an exciting astronomical month, the sky will witness some rare events this month. From a total lunar eclipse to a meteor shower and a partial solar eclipse, this month you will be able to witness some amazing pictures. However, the most – awaited among all these will fall on January 20- 21.  Super Blood Moon is a phenomenon wherein the Moon appears red or reddish brown. Notably, stargazers would be able to view a trifecta of events which includes a total lunar eclipse, super blood moon, and a Wolf Moon.

Unfortunately, the event will not be visible in many parts of Asia, including India. People all across America and Western Europe would be able to watch Super Blood Wolf Moon. It is a special event because a total lunar eclipse will not take place until May 26, 2021, which is a long wait.

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Super Blood moon happens when Earth passes in between the sun and the moon. It blocks the light of the sun from falling directly on Moon’s surface. However, the little light that manages to pass from the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere lit up the Moon’s surface and makes it look red. During a total eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Sun are perfectly aligned.

The name wolf moon is given by the Americans to a full –moon that appears in the middle of winters.

How to watch Super Blood Moon?

Please note people in India would not be able to watch it, they will have to rely on live streaming. Unlike solar eclipses, a lunar eclipse can be viewed with naked eyes. The entire event will last for a three and a half hours. It can be viewed from the Americans, Greenland, Iceland, Western Europe, and western Africa.

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