Sunny Hinduja, a man who restored our faith in Hard Work, Focus & Right Timing

Sunny Hinduja bares his heart on finally getting his due credit!

With the increasing popularity and proliferation of digital platforms, many such artists who have been working in the industry for years have got a chance to come to the surface, but their talent could not get full recognition. Sunny Hinduja is also included in such artists. In April, TVF released its new show Aspirants. It has 5 episodes. It’s a story about three friends’ aspiration to clear the UPSC exam and their journey as they prepare for it which became an overnight success. He played the role of the most experienced aspirant who is also like a mentor to other characters, he has won hearts over. Recently, we got a chance to get candid with Sunny Hinduja. He talked about the love he is receiving right now and his upcoming projects.

Sandeep Bhaiya is our Star! 

The show has been released on youtube and got so many positive reviews and its impactful performance has created a buzz. In an exclusive interview, Sunny speaks about the praise coming his way for his character Sandeep Bhaiya, his journey from FTII students to TVf aspirants, his favorite character from the show, the OTT boom, The Family Man 2, and also an important message for his fans.

His journey from an FTII student to Sandeep Bhaiya’s character of TVF aspirant was full of hard work & it pays off, right? 

It’s been a long journey and I only feel gratitude. I am happy, it’s come after a long time, after a lot of perseverance, hard work, dedication, and patience.

Sunny believes Family is everything! 

Family is important to me. I personally feel why people find a lot of relatability in his character because I personally feel the family is a support system. You might get to the top, but you won’t have anyone to celebrate it with. Who will be the one to take pride in you?

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Sunny Hinduja on OTT platform that has taken over the country? As his co-actor Jaydeep Ahlawat got recognition from Pataal lok and Sunny got immense love from TVF Aspirants?

The OTT platform is not only for the actors but is beneficial for the entire industry. Entertainment is the need of the hour at any given point in time. It gives you some peace, some escape from reality, some motivation in life. While consuming entertainment,  you are not worried and it gives you some happiness in life. It is important for everyone like technicians, writers, directors, and producers. It is difficult for those coming from outside because you do not know anyone. Nothing is known. Just how much dedication and patience you have, it all depends on that. It seems to me that if you keep going, something happens. If you want something from the heart, then nature also helps you. The same thing has happened to me. We don’t have a godfather in the industry but digital platforms gave us space to grow and show our talent to the world. We have done immense hard work and now the digital era is showing our work.

His transformation from Sunny to Sandeep Bhaiya, a sneak peek into the process 

I have learned the Haryanvi accent from my actor friend Jaswant Singh Dalal who is an amazing actor. He is from Haryana. I have talked to him about the role. We have tried and our director from TVFAspirants approved it!

When he talked about  Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj sir is a film institution in itself. I have learned so much from him. I have learned how he is transformed on the set. I also got to know about his stories and how he became an actor. He is a legend in the industry.

His special message for his Fans! 

We are living in Corona times. We need to talk about mental health as well. I would like to tell my fans to share their problems with their family, friends, and other important people. We need to share our happiness and problems with our loved ones.

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