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Understanding Solar Minimum: Is something more disastrous waiting for us?

After World now Sun to go in Lockdown: How will it impact Earth?

From past couple of days, the phrase ‘Sun Lockdown’ is trending on social media. Most of us are already in lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic, and now, sun wants to join us. Well, there are some exaggerated headlines that are giving us nightmares. Will sun go in lockdown? There will be droughts, earthquakes, and chilling winters? Is it all true? What should we assume – The end is near? To put rest to all the speculations, here are some facts that you need to read.

Starting off with the basic – What is Solar Minimum?

Basically, it is the end of an 11 –year –old cycle for the sun. According to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) science website, Every 11 years or so, Sunspots fade away and brings a period of relative calm.  “It is called Solar Minimum and it is a regular part of the sunspot cycle”, says Dean Pensell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in GreenBelt, MD.

It is true that sun is heading towards the Solar Minimum now. Sunspots were relatively high in 2014, and now they are sliding towards a low point, suggests the study. Sliding towards a low point doesn’t mean the sun becomes dull. It simply changes its form.

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Let us look back at the history – Minimum Maunder

Minimum Maunder was the longest solar minimum in the history. It began in 1645 and lasted till 1715. During this time, the season became shorter than a month. Notably, in the year 1605, the solar spots were spotted by the scientists. During Maunder Minimum, no sunspots were found. According to a study by NASA, it is true that we are currently in solar minimum, but no ‘Mini Ice Age’ is impending.

Is there anything to panic?

There are scary phrases all over the internet. They are talking about earthquakes, ice age, and what not? So, should we worry about it? Probably not. According to a post by NASA, No Ice Age will come in near future after some suggested that this Solar Minimum will cause drop in temperature and other problems including earthquakes and droughts.

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So, why it is trending and everyone is talking about it?

Probably because we have no other work to do. Amid COVID 19 chaos, we have become so negative that we have stopped looking at the facts. Let us not make things difficult for ourselves. We all are going through a tough time, and circulation of some fake news with a scary details will worsen the condition. Verify the information before you believe or share anything.

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