10 Effective ways to ‘Stay Cool’ this summer season

Be summer ready: 10 things that you should not forget 

We all feel low during summer season because of the heat and temperature.  Dehydration is the common problem which a lot of people face during the summer season.  Heat can cause serious problems to your immune system.  Keeping yourself hydrated is very important to avoid heat-related illness.   The more you sweat the more fluid you need to replace it. Dehydration can also increase the risk of heart stroke and heat exhaustion.

Beat The Heat

Here are 10 ways to stay cool during summer season:                                                                 

1.Drink Water even before you feel thirsty:  Yes, you should not wait.  You should drink water before even begin to feel thirsty.  This will keep you hydrated. Rather than drinking to quench your thirst, it is healthier to drink water on a regular basis even if you don’t feel thirsty.

2.Add cucumber and watermelon to your diet:  Yes, eat cucumber and watermelon as much as you can. Cucumber and watermelon have so many benefits. They will help in digestion and will also keep you hydrated.

3.Say NO to oily food: If you want to keep acidity and pimples at bay, then say No to oily food.  As relying on oily food and adversely affect your immune and digestive system.

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4.Drink Glucon D: Mixing Glucon D in your water will give you energy during the summer season. As the temperature soars, drinking glucon D will help you to keep fatigue at bay.

5.Avoid wearing dark clothes:  Dark colours absorb light and this can make you sweat a lot during the day.  So, one should avoid wearing dark clothes during the summer season

6.Do not forget sunscreen:  You should not forget sunscreen. Do not step out without applying sunscreen because ultraviolet rays can damage your screen.


7.Sunglasses and pocket perfumes are must: Body odour becomes a common problem during the summer season. So, you should definitely carry pocket perfumes with you. Also, sunglasses should always be there in your bag.

8.Keep a water bottle with you. Avoid plastic Bottles: Yes, you should always carry a water bottle with you in your bag. But one should avoid carrying plastic bottles.

9. Multani Mitti and Rosewater pack can become your saviour: Multani Mitti and rose water pack will come really handy during the summer season. Applying it to your face after a long day at work will give you a heavenly feeling. Trust us!

10.Include onion in your diet- this will save you from hot winds: You will not fall sick if you will include in your diet.

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