Beat the Heat with These 11 Awesome Summer Hacks!

 Dangerous Hot Summer Hits India! Feel fresh and smell minty this summer with these summer hacks.

Summer is here, and the irritation and frustration in everyone are steaming up. A heat wave across India has led to a hotter summer than usual. The temperature has risen again to more than 40 degrees in at least seven states. Stepping out of the house is becoming a matter of serious discussion. One can see streets full of colourful umbrellas, women covered with dupattas to protect them from scorching heat. Coconut water sellers are making good money, but people are praying for some relief.

Most parts in the north continue to experience high temperatures. The maximum temperature touched 48 degrees in parts of Rajasthan. At least 29 cities across the state, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra, reported temperatures over 44 degrees Celsius.

This blistering summer has started giving us major discomforts from sweat to rashes and stinky body odour. Tasks scheduled for the day are hard to process, including washing clothes or taking a shower. Getting up and taking a shower can sometimes be exhausting, even just in the imagination.

Therefore, it is important to pamper yourself with some extra stuff to beat the heat this summer.

Here is a list of how to remain fresh this summer and a few things you should do before you go out in the sun:

Stay hydrated

Carry water with you. Make it a habit to drink at least six to eight glasses of water.

Summer superfoods

Consume food like cucumber, watermelon, and yoghurt that keeps you cool during the day.

Cool down

Another thing that you should do during the heatwave or during the summer month is to help your body temperature get back to normal. You should always rest in a cool place with air conditioning or in the shade for about 2 hours every day. Take a cool shower or cool down with a wet towel if you feel exhausted or heated up.

Wear it right

Cover your face, head and any sensitive part of your body. Wear loose, light-coloured clothes.

Limit yourself physically

don’t do work that involves a lot of physical effort, especially in the middle of the day when the temperature is generally high.

Sunscreen is must

Don’t forget to apply Sunscreen Cream. It will protect you from tanning.

Dry Shampoo

Having a bad hair day can be mood spoiling, but you can be hassle-free when you have dry shampoo. Feel fresh and enjoy the oil-free hair for a day out.

Wipe it off!

Face Wipes are fantastic for a 10-sec cleaning of oil and dirt on your face. This will enhance your mood and presence on a sunny day.

Roll it!

During summers, it is essential to smell good. This not only keeps you presentable but refreshes you too. Body deodorants and roll-on sticks are perfect for summers. But, have a check on the product you use.

The moisturizer does it well!

Many people face dry skin in summers, not just in winters. Worry not and spot the right moisturizer for yourself and keep the skin issues at bay.

Stress? Mouthwash and Breath Out!

When you have reasons to go out and meet people daily, don’t let bad breath be the reason people do not like you.

If, luckily, you are working from home (like us), make a call to friends and loved ones just to check how they are doing this summer.

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