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Meet Sukriti Chaturvedi, the Queen of ‘Bindass Attitude’

Want to keep stress at bay? Stumble upon Sukriti’s Instagram Account

When it comes to content production, there are so many people who are producing entertaining content. They feed you with some super relatable content and make your boring day a little more bearable. One of them is Sukriti Chaturvedi whose Instagram is full of refreshing content. She is undoubtedly the Queen of Bindass Attitude. Basically, whenever in the middle of a day you want a dose of humour, we highly recommend Sukriti’s Instagram account.

She was an engineer by profession but it is her passion that made her what she is today. She also worked with Radio Mirchi as an RJ and was loved by many.

When she appeared in TED, take a look:

Here are 5 super relatable videos of Sukriti which will surely tickle your funny bones. These videos are proof that she is very witty when it comes to choosing content.

1. She has content for every trending issue

When she made a video on soaring prices of onions and we just loved the tag line Pyaaz aur Pyaar dono nhi hai aapke pass. Her take on every issue is hilarious and relatable AF.

2. Nyoda ki Noisy Nisha

She explained pollution so aptly. The write-ups are crisp and so to the point. The pain of pollution just caught the nerves right.

3. Dialogues that we all have heard while growing up

We bet! You will relate to her videos. This is how our teachers used to behave and the dialogues will make you feel nostalgic.

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4. Oh! How can she forget Bigg Boss Dialogues?

She used Shenaaz Gill’s dialogues in real life. She made super relatable and we couldn’t stop laughing

5. Types of Girlfriends – Men, can you relate?

Her Witty takes on relationships, singles are just so cool. In this video, she is talking about types of girlfriends and men you will agree.

Well, we would like to thank her for putting those efforts (which people think is easy to put) and serving us some interesting and engaging content.

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