Sugar intake linked to liver health

Sugar intake linked to liver health

Scientists in Oregon State University, USA, have been conducting research on impact of sugar consumption on damaged livers.



This study has been conducted on laboratory mice, which were divided into two groups. Both were initially fed a regular American diet, rich in fats, and later switched to a healthier diet, akin to a meditarrnean diet, which was low on in fats and cholesterol.

However, one of the groups was now fed a diet relatively higher in sugar, while the was given a low sugar diet. Though, both groups exhibited loss in weight, the results with the livers was interesting.

The one with a low sugar diet exhibited significant improvement in liver health, while the one on a higher sugar diet continued to exhibit inflammation, fibrosis of the liver, and oxidative stress.

This led the scientists to accept that a causative link can exist between sugar and liver health.

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