Suffering from Insomnia? Sleep like a baby tonight

Suffering from Insomnia: Follow some simple tricks to sleep properly

An average aged person requires 7-8 hours’ sleep to function properly for the next hours. But more than 80% of people face sleeping issues. Some due to stress or anxiety or may be because they can’t just sleep. Insomnia is not a new concept. The only difference is that the rate at which it has increased in past years is alarming. Are you also suffering from Insomnia, here are few tips to sleep properly.

Earlier, a glass of hot glass or warm bath would do the trick but today even they are failing. The most surprising fact is that every year around 10 million sleeping pills’ prescriptions are issued in England. Shocked? Well, apparently, the Indian statistics are more or less the same. But you no need to panic because every problem comes with a solution. You just need to find out which is best for you.

Here are some simple tricks that can help to in slipping into deep slumber:

  • Hum to self

You humming could be irritating for others but it is undoubtedly one of the best tricks to help to sleep. Humming while lying in a comfortable position with relaxed features, even breathing and closed eyes will slowly take you to the dreamland before it even registers in your brain.

Suffering from Insomnia? Sleep like a baby tonight
Happiness is the key
  • Imagine

Imagination is a man’s best ability. If you can’t sleep better use that time to imagine dreamy situations. Imagine your happy place where you wish to be. Imagine yourself lying in the middle of the meadow or sailing a boat or in the clouds, whatever suits you. It will help you in relaxing and ultimately you will find yourself sleeping.

  • Eat light

Sometimes heavy meals before sleeping could prevent you from sleeping. Nutritionists always recommend heavy lunch and very light dinner due to the rate at which our digestive system works. If heavy meals are consumed before bed, then our digestive system is disrupted and prevents your body from sleeping.

  • Stick to regular bedtime

The biggest problem youth faces these days is lack of sense of time management. One day you are in bed at 10 in night and the other day you are partying till 2 in the morning. This kind of routine confuses your system and prevents you from slipping into slumber. Hence, setting a proper bedtime and sticking to it is recommended for better sleep.

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