Actor Sudheer Varma Ends Life, 5 More Actors Who Lost the Will to Live

From Tunisha Sharma, Sudheer Varma Kalidindi to Sushant Singh Rajput celebrities who committed suicide

Depression can take a heavy toll on life. After Tunisha Sharma’s suicide case, a suicide report of another actor shocked the nation. Sudheer Varma Kalidindi, a famous Telugu actor, ended his life on Monday morning. Reports suggest that he poisoned himself, and depression could be one of the main reasons for taking this extreme step. 

Reports of a leading daily claimed that the late actor attempted suicide on January 10, 2023, when he consumed pesticide and was rushed to the hospital. After consuming poison in Warangal, Sudheer Varma underwent treatment at two hospitals in Hyderabad. He was being shifted to his home city of Vizag where he had recovered to some extent on Friday. However, his condition started deteriorating on Sunday, and he died in the wee hours of Monday.

 The autopsy reports stated that Varma suffered a cardiopulmonary arrest during his treatment after consuming parquet – a toxic chemical/herbicide used to kill weeds.

Sudheer Varma’s friends and family believe that the actor was not getting good roles in the industry, which to some extent pushed the 34-year-old actor into a severe physiological condition. But the real reasons are still hidden from the world.

 Kalidindi was known for his performances in movies like ‘Second Hand’ (2013) and ‘Kundanapu Bomma’ (2016).

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Suicides and Film Industry

Many celebrities committed suicide during the lockdown because of ‘Financial Crunches’. But when people like Sushant Singh, Tunisha Sharma, and Pratyusha Banerjee commit suicide, a serious question trigger our thoughts, what went wrong? We forget that there are two worlds we live in – internal & external. To be happy and content, we have to maintain our internal health. We often forget it and this leads to depression. Your external success cannot measure your happiness

This is not the first suicide in film industry, which has left the industry in shock.

From Tunisha Sharma, Sudheer Varma Kalidindi to Sushant Singh Rajput celebrities who committed suicide. 

  1. Sushant Singh Rajput: The 34 –year- old actor was found dead in his Bandra apartment. Several political debates, newsroom dramas became the major highlights of prime time. But the reason for the suicide of our favourite star is still under clouds. 

  1. Guru Dutt: He was found dead in his apartment on October 10, 1964. According to reports, he mixed alcohol and sleeping pills. It was a suicide, and was his third attempt. He was just 39 when he died.
  2. Jiah Khan: On June 3, 2013, at age 25, Jiah Khan committed suicide. Just before her death, she was cheerful and happy. Crux, a normal-looking person on the outside, can be struggling hard on the inside.
  3. Pratyusha Banerjee became a household name after appearing in Balika Vadhu as Anandi. On April 1, 2016, she committed suicide. She was a rising star and was just 25 when she died.
  4. Kushal Punjabi: Many of us remember his role in Kaal. He was a known face of the industry. Kushal was found dead in his apartment on December 26, 2019. He was 42.

The continuous suicidal reports from a particular industry are a huge wake-up call for all of us. We must address the ‘Importance of Mental Health’ as a nation. To break the stigma, we need to talk and spread awareness.

Talking about Depression in India, the condition is alarming. According to the World Health Organisation, 56,675,969 people were suffering from depression as per the data of 2015. It is 4.5 per cent of India’s population.  On average, in India, 20.9 per cent of people commit suicide per every 100,000. Most suicides in India are by people under 44 years. Shockingly, suicide is the leading cause of death between 18-29.

Sudheer Varma suicide case is a wake-up call, and we shouldn’t wait for another star to commit suicide. Let us keep an eye of love on our loved ones. Give us a chance to live, and let the light of hope guide us through difficult times.

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