Exhaust & Drained at Work? You Deserve a Stress-Free Weekend- Here are 10 Tips for You

10 tips to make your holidays a stress free weekend


1. Find one hour of peace 

2. Catch up with your friend 

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7 tips to make your weekend stressfree

10 tips to make your Sundays a stress-free weekend

Find one hour of peace

It can be easy to over-schedule your weekend with social events or even a side hustle. But you need to make time for some true peace and quiet. Even if it is just for an hour.

Turn off your phone, go for a walk and catch your breath.

Catch up with your friend

After a busy week, it can also be tempting to shut out the world all weekend long. But intentional time with friends- grabbing a coffee, browsing a farmer’s market, even a phone call- will rejuvenate you.

Relationships that create love and trust help bolster a person’s resilience- American psychological association

Keep an activity log

Write down all the activities you did at the weekend on Sunday night and analyse which activity you spent most of the time on. Then plan your schedule for the following weekend so you can get maximum time for the fun activities that keep you happy.

Avoid extra sleep

Never lose track of your weekly schedule, even during weekends. Keeping your sleep cycle the same as having more sleep unnecessarily will make you lethargic and lazy.

Take a morning stroll

What could be more energetic than a morning walk? Grab your shoes and go for a long walk or jogging. It will keep you lively for the rest of the day.

Commit one day to fun

Give one day entirely of your holiday to the activities that make you happy and alive. This will boost your mental health.

Get more work done during the week

Get all your work done during weekdays. Don’t save work for doing in your free time.

Play some sports

Play your favourite sports on your weekends with your friends. Spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Tap into your inner child

One should never let the child die inside them. Weekend activities like playing tag, shooting hoops, or climbing trees are just a few ways to stay active while laughing and bonding with your children.

Prepare for the week

Monday mornings or any weekday morning can be stressful. So, take care of one thing on Sunday that will make your week ahead easier. Your future self will thank you.

The weekend might go by quickly, but that does not mean you can’t make it a time to heal. And a stress-free weekend is more than anything one can ask for. Take good care of yourself because you deserve a break.

Edit By- Ayushi Mittal

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