Street Dancer Movie Review: Shraddha Kapoor & Varun Dhawan fails to impress the audience 

Street Dancer Movie Review: It’s all about dance not acting

The movie starts with a performance of Puneet Pathak’s performance and he is introduced as the elder brother  of actor Varun Dhawan.  Varun dhawan plays a very  ambitious, dreamer, softie- boy kinda role whereas  Shraddha ( inayat) is pompous by nature. And her killer looks and impressive dance moves grabbed the eyes of the audience.
Both Inayat and Sahej have dancing gangs with their names as “rule breakers” from Inayat’s gang and “street dancer”  from Sahej’s gang. Initially,  the gang belonged to his elder brother which got scattered due to some accident  occured with Puneet Pathak and he broke his leg along with his dream of winning the zero ground battle dance championship.
Both captains of the dancing gang tries to prove their supremacy  over one another, by giving killer and impressive dancing moves.The harmless tiff between  the two opponents  takes the form of  something bigger  when the zero ground  battle dance championship  2020 is announced.Also the movie street dancer 3D completely  justifies the price of ticket and we can say the movie is “paisa vasool. “
With other cast of the team  ( most of the ex contestants  of the dancing show dance india dance) dancers turning  into actors  have justified  their roles. Dharmesh , Salman Yussuf khan, raghav  have played their respective  parts competently  and perfectly  acted as supporting actors .When we talk about the entry of the actor prabhu deva  he acted as a owner of the restaurant and he was actually  a suprise package to the movie . The audience got amazed with his revamped version of the song ” muqabla” which made the audience to hoot out during the show.

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The music and dance choreography is the main element  of the movie as we all can understand  by the title of the movie ” street dancer” .  With compositions by Sachin-Jigar, Tanishk Bagchi, Badshah, Guru Randhawa and Harsh Upadhyay among others, Street Dancer can come across as a musical hotchpotch. But the good thing is there is something to suit  everyone.  Garmi composed by Badshah pictured on Varun and Nora is as steamy as they come while Lagdi Lahore Di by Guru Randhawa brings the Punjabi beats to the dance floor.
Before the interval  the movie is quiet  slow and audience  is unable to understand  the storyline.  But after the interval the story starts to unfold and reveals  out the  right track.
Usually in dance movies the plot is the first casualty, but in the case of Street Dancer 3D, there is enough to keep you engrossed. From Indo-Pak tensions that spill over from the cricket match to the dance floor, to the issue of illegal immigrants in London, the makers have packed in enough and more to keep you hooked to the two-and-a-half hour movie.
Admittedly the film descends into melodrama, especially when it comes to treating the cross border rivalry and the plight of the illegal immigrants in London, but it doesn’t scrimp on the main subject matter. And that’s dance.
There are a lot of special effects – headless dancers and performers with their feet on fire – but the sheer talent of the entire cast shines through behind the technical wizardry.In the end Street Dancer is a treat for those who love dance movies. And whatever faults it may have in terms of cliched plotlines and  melodramatic moments, it more than makes up for it with a host of talented dancers who’d make you wish you could dance even half as well as them!
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