10 Reasons to adopt a stray dog: They will love you like no one else!

10 Reasons to adopt a stray dog: Time to adopt Happiness

Dogs are man’s best friend. There is no other joy in the world to have a dog around. It is the best companionship that a man can ever have. Today, people lack empathy. Animals often end up bearing the brunt of the cruelty of human beings. People who love animals are making continuous efforts to make this world a better place for animals. In India, the condition is even worst. There are laws and rules but people hardly follow them. A lot of dogs are forced to stay on the streets. Nobody cares about their welfare. Well, if you love dogs, and are planning to bring a new member to your home, then you should surely consider stray dogs. Here are 10 reasons to adopt a stray dog.

Adopting Stray Dog

They will love you like no one else in the world. They will be thankful to you for providing a home to them. Spending a lot of money to get favorite breed is easy but giving a beautiful life to someone is an altogether different experience.

Here are 10 reasons to adopt a stray dog aka happiness, take a look: 

`1. The joy of saving a life

The average life span of a street dog varies from two- eight years. A lot of them die till the age of five due cold, starvation, accident or in a fight with other dogs. Adopting a stray dog means you are saving a life. The kind of joy you will get is unmatchable.

2. The Most loyal friend

Dogs are not objects that you buy for your entertainment. They are the man’s best friend.  They are the loyal friends that you make. Adopt a stray dog because they need shelter.

3. Their immunity is strong than the foreign breed

Foreign breeds often take time to adapt to the climate of India. So, why not adopt an Indie who belongs here and is easier to take care of?  The stray dogs are much more immune than the foreign breed.

4. The eternal peace you will receive

There so many dogs who die due to car accidents. A lot of them starve. Well, you cannot help everyone but you can definitely change something. Adopting a stray dog means inviting happiness. Words are less to explain the eternal peace that you will receive from it.

5. Easy to train

They spend their lives in the search of food. When they will get to know that you are the food person, they will obey you and will learn things quickly.

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6. They get along with others quickly

They roam in the city and keep meeting different animals and people. They are friendly and they easily get along with other animals at your home.

Adopting a stray dog

7. You can skip the puppy stage if you want

You can skip the puppy stage if you want. Adopt them at the age of 2 or 3.Adopting them at a young age can help you to train them better.

8. Change is beautiful

Breeders are minting a good amount of money. They are hardly concerned about the health of a female dog. By adopting a homeless dog, you are taking a stand against cruelty to animals.

9. Heart matters, not the furs

People usually buy fancy dogs for themselves. It doesn’t matter how dogs look. It’s the heart that counts, not the furs. A stray dog will love like no one else in the world. They will make you laugh and will fill your life with positive vibes.

10 They will give you the best moments of your life

Yes, they may not live as long as us, but they will give you the best moments of your life. Adopting dog means that you will never feel lonely.

Important Note: Adopting a dog is a big decision. When you adopt a dog it means you are ready to take the responsibility. Get the paperwork done. Do not forget to visit the Vet. Treat them like your own kid. Whatever it is, never abandon your pet. 

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