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Scorching Heat: How to help Stray animals?

Tips & Tricks to keep stray animals cool during the summer season

The temperature is soaring not in Delhi but all across India. It has become almost impossible to step out of A/C. People are trying all possible ways to beat the heat. From keeping themselves hydrated to stepping out only when required, people are taking all necessary precautions. In that case, it is important to show some compassion to the birds and stray animals around us.  Many birds and animals die during summers due to severe heatstroke and dehydration.

Here are a few things that you can do make their life a bit easier, take a look:

1.Provide Water

Bowl water will do wonders to the animals who stay outdoors. Give them fresh water so that they can keep themselves hydrated. You can keep the water in mud pots as it will keep the water cool. Place the water in balconies and terrace and change it regularly.

2.Spread Awareness and ask the owners of working animals to give them break

Some animals are mercilessly forced to work for longer hours. Let us spread the word and ask bullocks and donkeys owner to give them break during summers, especially in the afternoon.  They can also gently spray water on them to keep them cool.

3. Don’t leave your pet in the car during summers

It could be very dangerous. Do not leave your pet in parking or in the car during the summer season. They can get heatstroke and it could be fatal.

4.Try to give them shelter

If you have some extra space at your place such as a basement or parking area, then allow stray animals to stay there. This will help them to cool down their body temperature.

5. Sprinkle water on the road

If you can do it, then this will help the animals a lot. You can sprinkle water on the roads nearby your home so that can animals can get relief from the soaring temperature.

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