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‘Love has nothing to do with Disability’, Story of Malvika Iyer will leave you inspired

Dr Malvika Iyer shared a heartwarming post on Social Media and it gave us major ‘Relationship Goals’

In the era of casual dating, a lot of people feel that it is hard to find true love. But today we bring you a story that will restore your faith in love.  Recently, we came across a heartwarming post of Dr. Malvika Iyer on Linkedin where she talked about finding love. She explained that love has nothing to do with your disability. As they say  – “True Love Conquers all”. Well, Malvika Iyer is an Indian national, a bomb blast survivor, a social worker and a National Award winner.  The 32 –year –old is an international motivational speaker and a disability rights activist. Apart from it, she is also a model for accessible fashion. Now, isn’t that great?

Malvika is quite active on social and never fails to voice out her opinion on different issues. Her Instagram account is full of gorgeous pictures. If you haven’t take a look at her profile, you should take it right away!  In fact, in the year 2020, she handled the Twitter handle of the Prime Minister for a day after winning the title of women’s achiever of the year.

Recently, she shared a post on social media that restored our faith in love! Take a look at the post:

Love has nothing to do with disability. My husband told me many years ago that he fell in love with me for my courage. He loves the romantic in me, he loves the way I talk & carry myself & that I’m always inquisitive, asking him questions. Does it matter if I don’t have hands? Even when I’m alone with my thoughts, I never think that someone is doing me a favor by loving me. In fact, I’ve had beautiful relationships in the past based on mutual admiration & respect which I’ll always cherish. I’m complete by myself. ? When someone asks me how I get around doing my daily chores, I proudly say that except for tying my hair in a ponytail, I CAN DO EVERYTHING! When I have so much love for me, why shouldn’t I let someone else love me the same? Why should I live in fear because I have a disability? Most people only get one shot at life, I got lucky & got a second chance at life. I’m definitely not going to spend it feeling sad for myself. There’s so much to do!!! Never EVER let anyone make you feel that you are not enough. ❤

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Here are a few important lessons that we all should learn from Malvika’s story

1.Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you are determined and focused.

2. Sometimes life isn’t fair but one should always look at the brighter side.

3. True Love will always find its way to you! It would be without conditions and will treat you exactly you want them to treat you.

4. If someone truly loves you, nothing will matter except your company.

5. You complete yourself. It is one of the most important life lessons that we all should learn. We are complete in ourselves and that’s what matters.

6. Physical appearance is a mere illusion when it comes to true love. As Malvika said her husband fell in love with her courage, the way she conducted herself and the way she talks.

7.Fear is your biggest enemy. Learn to overcome your fears and insecurities and you will discover the magical side of yours who is capable of doing everything that you want.

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