Story of an every employee ‘Increment and Dhoka’!

Story of an every employee ‘Increment and Dhoka’!

Well, we all expect hikes and increments from our employer because according to us, we do lot of hard work entire year to get the appraisal? But on the other hand management has a completely different story and they will give you hundred reasons to not give any hike to you.

The Appraisal Season

Do you feel the pain, bro? #IncrementYaDhoka #AppraisalSeasonScoopWhoop

Posted by Red FM on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Well, here is a video that will tell you pain of an every employee in full to Bollywood style. And I am sure that most you will definitely relate to it. So, you also take a look and write to us , what all excuses you got this year.

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