7 storage ideas for small homes

It’s time to give your tiny home a makeover

A Tiny house has a number of appeals. It is surely environment friendly and cost-effective. Tiny houses are easier to customize. But it certainly comes with its fair share of challenges, one of which is obvious: Finding spaces for all of your stuff and most of all finding space for yourself! After all, no one wants odds and ends everywhere. Any small space can look bigger with the right colours and furniture in it. Without storage, the space will seem messy.  A good way is to clean your storage or donate your unnecessary things. So that you can have some valuable space and use that for the important things.

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 Here are 7 storage ideas for your tiny house

1. A shower curtain with mesh pockets to keep your toiletries within reach and the bathtub rim clutter-free.

2. Hanging jewellery organizer so that all your accessories are untangled, visible, and ready to wear. It is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have enough room for an armoire and jewellery box.

3. A stainless steel pants hanger that will have space and allow you to see all the pants at a glance and grab the chosen pair quickly.

4. Underbed shoe organizer that will keep your off-season and special occasion footwear out of sight but still accessible.

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5. A wall – mount magnetic strip for a convenient and attractive way to display your knives and utensils. It won’t take a space like a knife box.

6. An under shelf basket that will let you utilize even the tiniest bit of space beneath your shelves.

7. An over – the- door organizer that you can hang on any door in your home or even your closet to create some extra storage.

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