Stop worrying excessively: Things you should do to get rid of worries

Here are few things you need to do get rid of worries

Worries are an integral part of everyone’s life. Financial crunches, assignment deadline or the fear of insomnia are all reasons why we worry excessively sometimes. These thoughts are suffocating, right? Always keep this in your mind that if worries are not treated properly, it might eat your mind, health or even your life like a worm. Here are few things that you should do on a regular basis to get rid of worries.

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Worrying is ‘uncertainty’ that is actual a real culprit

Worries can have different forms, but one commonality of them is all worries carry uncertainty. What makes us really worried is the uncertain feeling. That feeling of uncertainty actually disturbs and distract us from doing our daily tasks. This is proved by scientists and researchers as well. Scientists tell us that our brain needs instant feedback in order to judge the situation and then it decides the action. If we are devoid of feedback and certainty, we are living in a Delayed Return Environment. And as a result, all the negative emotions pop up. And actual worry starts.

Here, are few ways to beat worries:

If you want to get rid of excessive worries and want to live peaceful life then here are few ways to beat your worries instantly and you too can live a peaceful life!

1. Count small wins

Wins can be small as well big so count each and every wins of yours. To eliminate worry, the first thing, you can do is to focus on the small wins every day. If the lack of feedback causes us worry, then providing the feedback our brain needs can already flip over the situation. When our brain receives the feedback, the uncertainty becomes less uncertain, and the anxiety is lessened. So, it’s better to focus on positive things. If you will focus on small wins you will definitely feel motivated and experience inner happiness too.

2. Shift your focus to other things

Secondly, by shifting your focus from long –term goals towards the daily routine, you can get rid of worries. Focusing or thinking about long term problems will only eat your mind. Focusing on the long-term problems, like the fear of breaking up or the fear of death, is only causing unnecessary uncertainties. After all, no one can really predict the future. Not even you. Instead, you should focus on the daily based hassles in your daily routine, like cooking the dinner tonight or watering the plants. By solving these minor problems, you can minimize the uncertainty and gain a small taste of success, giving the encouragement you need to carry on with your life.

3. Distract yourself through relaxation

Distraction is the best solution. When we are worried about various things at the same time then our brain fails to find a logical solution to our problems. In order to think logically, we must take the time to relax. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. After a couple of minutes of relaxation, the tension will leave your body and you will be in a better position to tackle the problem from a fresh perspective.

Worrying excessively can damage your brain

4. Forget the things you can’t change

You should forget all those things that you cannot change. If you are worried about something that is happened in the past, you need to stop. The power of your mind is not strong enough to solve problems through panic, so it is important to beat your worries by thinking logically and tackling them head-on. Bad memories from the past are toxic to our health and mind.

5. Pen down a worry list

Writing is the best way to express yourself. So, pen down all your worries on a plain sheet of a paper. Write down everything you are worried about; the bills, your job everything. Then rate them on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the things that are concerning you most. You can then turn your worry list into an action list. Take action on the worries that you rated the highest first, and then work through the rest of the list. You will feel a sense of relief each time you tick a worry off. It will give a boost to your life.

6. Talk to your family and friends

Share everything that causes worry with your friends and family. You must come across a statement, “problem shared is a problem halved.” Talk to your family, your friends, or a doctor if you have a good relationship with them. Sometimes saying your problems out loud can get your thoughts straight in your head and if you are worrying about something useless, saying it out loud can make you realise that it is just not worth the worry. With those close to you, you can laugh, cry, and moan as much as you like without being judged and this is a healthy way to relieve stress.

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