The naked truth: ‘Stop objectifying women in Advertisements’

Stop Objectifying Women: How are women portrayed in advertisements? 

What meant to be a woman in this culture where women are being objectified for selling products whether it is ford-Figo controversy or burger king? Advertisements quote statements which are of absolutely no sense, such as, “if your hair isn’t beautiful the rest hardly matters” or “feminine odor is everyone’s problem”. Advertising has a very powerful impact on viewers. Especially in India, where they have successfully portrayed women as dumb and easy to impress with so-called ‘manly’ objects. Now, we are in a social media age. Today, men and women work on an equal platform. In that case, don’t you think we should stop objectifying women?

Stop objectifying women

How Advertisements affect us?

Though People think that they are not affected by advertisements personally, the influence of advertising is quick cumulative and for the most part subconscious. For 40 years the image of women in advertising has become worse than ever. The pressure on women to be young, thin, beautiful and flawless has become more intense than ever. Women are human beings and are more successful than men in many fields. Don’t them as a prop and stop objectifying women.

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Why is it important to stop objectifying women?

Recently, the Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor released a video confessing how she goes through layers of hair spa sessions, makeups, retouch from tip to toe to look like a celebrity. It’s just like Sonam Kapoor trying to look like Sonam Kapoor. In fact, the magic of Photoshop and filters tend to make people believe in anti-aging creams.

Advertisements have a deep impact on us

We learn to read women and men face very differently. Men are photoshopped too but in a different manner. They are made bigger and more manly and powerful. In the ad, the image isn’t real. It is artificial. It’s constructed. It’s impossible but real women and girls measure themselves against that every day which obviously effects female self-esteem and also affect how men feel about the real women in their lives.


In the ad of Schmitten chocolate, Priyanka Chopra’s voice is projected in a very seductive way. Moreover, the presentation of women in the ad Amul Macho and slice mango use women’s sexuality to sell products while men are being projected as strong, wise and powerful. Similarly, there are numbers of examples to discover.

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