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Stereotypes around farmers that have been shattered during the farm protests

Things about farmers we won’t mind believing now

The farm protests have been one of the largest protests not just the country but the world has witnessed. We have seen people from different sections coming in to support farmers and at the same time, found some farmers who happened to be very different from the stereotypical image that we people have created of farmers. Here are some of the things, that we have had in our minds and farmers break those stereotypes for us –


1. Farmer = Man

The first and foremost thing that we have seen in the protests is the presence of women on the protest sites, not one or two but in huge numbers. There have been ample stories of women farmers who have protested as equal as men against the black farm laws. Hence, now, we must not mistake farmers to be a man only.


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2. Farmers are poor people

Well, these farmers have managed to pull off a protest in the utmost fulfilling way, not just for themselves but for others, we have seen farmers holding langar, medical facilities, etc all absolutely free. Hence, there is no point in identifying farmers as poor people. Not that they are the prospered of all but they are well settled and fulfilled people.


3. Farmers are Illiterate Uneducated and Uniformed

Our team has visited both borders several times and has done ground reports too. There were many farmers who choose to talk in English (mentioning it as that’s really how Indian masses judge education), who were well informed and aware of the world and its policies.


4. All farmers are from Punjab and are Turban men

Well, during the protests, we have seen stories of Muslim farmers, of Dalit farmers, of woman farmers from not just Punjab and Haryana but from different states of the country and hence, there is no point in identifying farmers as Turban Man.


5. Farmers don’t understand politics

From the point, the protests started, many said that farmers are protesting as they are rigid people who don’t understand politics. But for a fact, farmers have made themselves clear, many times of what they want and why they want. And yes, their arguments are political.


6. Farmers are assertive and easy to manipulate

Well, many have had this idea that farmers are easy to be influenced as felt that farmers are uneducated and not political. But, let take it like this, if farmers are so easy to get influenced, how have they happened to be firm on the fact that new farm laws are not for them. Why is the government not able to easily influence them despite meeting after meetings if they are so easy to be influenced.

So, these are some of the stereotypes that we believe that farmers managed to break during the protests. Let us know which one seems to try to you in the comments.


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