Stay fresh this summer: How to smell good all day long?

Summers should all about smelling nice!

One of the most important problems of summer is the smell.  Well, yes that’s common and natural but it is quite embarrassing sometimes. Isn’t it?    Loading and filling your room with fresh orange peels can do wonders on your skin. The properties present in an orange peel have the ability to make you smell citrus like. Likewise, using lemon peels in the same manner too makes a difference. In summer, experts state that having a bath twice in a day with the help of essential oils can also make you smell good all day. Therefore, try oils like lavender and cardamom to give you a blissful feeling to beat the heat this season.

Keep your skin hydrated

Here are few awesome ways to smell good all day this summer. Just go through it:

1.Focus on Pulse Points of your body: The neck, the ankles and behind the ears. Spraying deo or rubbing natural peels in these pulse points will allow you to smell good all day. Try it once guys.

 2.Baby Wipes: Baby wipes is gentle on the skin and one of the best ways to pamper your skin too. Use baby wipes on your neck, chest, hands, and face. It will help you stay fresh and smell good all day. It is effective too.

3.Talcum Your Shoes: If you are in the habit of wearing shoes every day, sprinkle a little talcum powder in your shoes or spray a little deo. This helps to keep your feet from smelling bad.

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 4.Clean Your Feet: Our feet are prone to smelling bad due to the sweat and heat by wearing shoes, the most irritating thing of summers. Get Some Gum Oral care is another important tip to keep in mind if you want to smell good naturally. Chew on fresh mint leaves or gum. It actually works!

 5.Fill Your Room With Citrus: Try to consume a lot of citrus fruits this summer. Store the peels and use them as a refresher in your bedroom. The smell they emit will make you feel and smell great too.

6. Wear Those Flowers: If you want to smell good naturally and all day, opt for fresh flowers in your hair. These flowers provide a good fragrance which makes you feel good right through the summer season.

 7.Get Waxed: Most importantly go for waxing. Get that unwanted hair waxed, immediately. In summer you tend to sweat a lot under the arms, the groin region etc. This makes you smell over a period of time. Therefore, waxing or shaving the unwanted hair will keep you smelling good.

 8.Wash Your Hair: Wash your hair regularly as it accommodates sweat and dirt thus making you smell bad. When washing your hair, use a natural shampoo. Or go for herbal one it is actually good for your hair too.

 9.Fresh Showers: Take a shower every now and again to feel fresh and bright in summer. These fresh showers will make you feel good and in turn help you to smell good all day, keeping sweat at bay.

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