How to stay fit without spending money?

Want to stay fit without spending money? Indians shared some useful tips on the internet


  • What does staying fit actually mean?
  • How can you stay fit without getting a dent in your pocket?
  • Indians shared some useful tips

How to stay fit without spending money – In India, staying fit means staying in a particular shape and size, and this often pushes people to spend a lot of money on their physical appearance.  Be it joining the gym or buying supplements, to look good we do everything possible. But it is very important to understand the actual meaning of staying fit. Does it really mean making abs or hitting the gym every day? Or does it mean to be healthy from within? To simply put, Fitness means the condition of being strong and healthy.  Health experts revealed that fitness is a lot more than just physical fitness.

Well, the last two years have completely changed our lives. Post Pandemic life is completely different. Long working hours and work from home have taken a toll on our health. A lot of people have mentioned weight issues but Pandemic has also helped us to understand the real meaning of fitness. It has now made us more focused on our overall well-being and immunity.

Recently, a thread on Quora went viral where Indians shared some basic and easy tips to stay fit. The thread talked about how to stay fit without spending money. In that case, many came forward and pointed out how our parents’ generation stays fit by just making some alterations in lifestyle.

Let us take a look, at what they revealed?

A 28-year-old shared her routine and suggested making some changes in the lifestyle to reap the benefits and stay fit without spending money.

  • Here, we go!
  • Get up as early as possible – Like be a morning person
  • Have a couple of glasses of hot water
  • You can have some soaked almonds
  • Walk or Jog – Whatever you can do easily – A 30-minute walk every day can make a huge impact.
  • Meditate at least for 5 minutes every day
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Have buttermilk during lunch
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 2 liters of water every day
  • After your dinner  walk at least for 30 minutes
stay fit without spending money
stay fit without spending money

Another user said:

The best way to stay fit is to quit overthinking and spend less time on social media. He pointed out how social media always makes him anxious and it is the best way to stay fit. Good sleep, good food, and less Social Media is the best way to be fit.

A 40- year –old, the woman revealed the secret of her fitness. She said doing household work on a daily basis can keep you fit.  It increases my stamina and keeps my weight in check. I think doing household work is the best way to stay fit.

Good health doesn’t come from big steps. It comes from simple habits that we include in our life, another man in his late thirties pointed out. He said instead of having a burger or Sandwich, you can always have something healthy such as fruits or makhana. You can also have fresh juice.  Be mindful of calorie intake. Focus on proteins than carbs. You can also replace sugar with Jaggery and these changes can make a huge difference to your lifestyle.

Last but not least, many also focused on the importance of following a routine and sleepingon time. Today, a lot of people sleep late. There could be various reasons. Be it work, or just a habit. But many on the internet revealed that your sleep pattern impacts your health. It’s important to follow a particular schedule. Sleeping a minimum of 8 hours and sleeping on time can keep you fit.


Fitness means overall well-being and not just your physical appearance. It is important to understand that fitness is not as expensive as we have made it. Small steps can make a big difference in your life.

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