Stages of True Love everyone goes through

Here are five stages of true love, find out have you gone through them or not?

“Happily ever after” is the end of fairytale and we have all grown up listening. Most of us wish to have a perfect love story. But do you know true love has five stages? Find out is your true or not? Maybe we fantasized about our very own prince charming or planned our ride into the sunset. While those fairy tale beginnings and endings are rarely the case for us regular humans, it is still possible to find true love. Everyone is different, and each journey is unique, but most love stories goes through these 5 phases at one point or another.

Here are the five phases of true love story:

1. The meet-cute

In movies, the meet-cute is the first time two people meet. Maybe it goes somewhere right then, maybe it doesn’t and maybe it is not even cute, but the meet-cute is something you will always remember because it is the first time you laid eyes on him searching for your true love.

2. “Get to know you” phase

This is the stage where he can do nothing wrong in your eyes and vice versa. It is a perfect world full of excitement, questions and firsts.

Stages of True Love everyone goes through
Saying “I Love You”

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3. Being inseparable

The timid world of texting, flirting and playing the dating game comes to an end and then two of you become inseparable. You do not have to call him on Monday to reserve Saturday night, you both just know that you will be spending every waking minute together. When you are not together, you keep the distance short by texting non-stop, hinting of true love.

4. Saying “I love you”

You have said the words in your head a hundred times and you both know that the feeling is mutual, so saying it out loud should not change the relationship, but it does. It is a verbal commitment to one another. You no longer have to wonder where you stand with each other. You know when you call him randomly; he wants to talk to you. The guessing game is over, and whether you have been together for months or even years, this is when the real commitment begins.

5. Have a momentary freak out

After being together for a while, a comfortable routine sets in. You can predict their emotions and reactions to basically all events. You cannot imagine your life without the other person, but you start to question whether this is the right path for the rest of your life. This is natural. You might have a talk, or a fight, or take a break or buy a puppy, but whatever your freak out phase gets over you will always realize that he completes you and you do not desire anything else.

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