Spring Season begins Time for New Beginnings, 5 things that you should do right away! 

Spring season begins, time for new beginnings

 Vasant Panchami marks the beginning of Spring season and brings on new hope. It is indeed the time for new beginnings. After the long and cold days of winter, the spring season brings fresh hope for all of us. The Sun Shines, days get warmer and bright flowers peep out from the soil. Simply put, spring is the season of rejoicing and it is crowned as King of Seasons.

Here a few things that you should also do right away to start fresh.

1. Cut off with Toxic People:  The best thing that you can do for yourself is to cut yourself off from toxic people. Detox yourself and keep your mental health in check. Focus on your inner peace and self – growth.

2. Enroll for any new course: Want to learn a new skill? Or want to enroll for any course. This is the right to time to start as the weather will become pleasant, it will be easy to focus and there will be less procrastination.

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3. Get organised:  It is called Spring cleaning for a reason. The New Year technically start in January, but spring is the season of rejuvenation. Organise your closet, get rid of things you never touch. Make space for new things!

4. Go for shopping:  Pandemic locked all of us inside our house. Things are now slowly coming back to normal.  In that case, it is a good idea to go shopping. Give your wardrobe a makeover.  As the markets will now be flooded with new clothes, don’t forget to try your hands on them and upgrade your wardrobe.

5. Go for a picnic or go to a flower festival: It is the best time to step out with your friends and family. Plan a picnic or go to a flower festival.  With flower festivals popping up and public gardens opening their gates, take out time to surround yourself with flowers. The experience will leave you rejuvenated and will soothe your mind. Recently, Mughal garden has opened its doors for the public. Book your weekend and don’t forget to smell some fresh flowers.

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