Spook Alert! Do you believe in Ghosts?

It’s all about Mehandipur Balaji temple and truth behind the mystery of Ghosts

Many of us don’t believe in ghosts, but may be activities in Mehandipur Balaji can change your perception towards the existence of the evils. Temples of Balaji are specialized and much more famous for the activities of exorcism.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple is situated in Dausa in the Karauli district of Rajasthan. It is one of the most famous temples of India and is dedicated to Balaji, means Lord Hanuman.

The temple has three chief deities namely, Balaji, Pret Raj and Bhairav, who are supposed to protect their devotees from all evil. Thousands of devotees visit here every day in a hope of new beginning of their lives.

Spook Alert! Do you believe in Ghosts?
Spook Alert

History of the temple and Exorcism

According to people and priests, who are serving temple since long said that around thousand years ago Balaji and Pret Raj appeared here from the Aravali hills. The temple has four chambers.
The first two chambers have idols of Balaji and Bhaira, here the devotees are supposed to throw black balls into the fire which is supposed to ward off evil spirits from them. The third and fourth chambers are for those who are believed to be under evil spirits or black magic.

They are supposed to pray to Pret Raj. There are some horrific activities always going inside the temple that might cause problem to people therefore there are some strict restrictions that everyone has to follow before entering to the temple.

Spook Alert! Do you believe in Ghosts?
People near Balaji Temple, Representative Image

Temple followed by some beliefs and rituals

Temple is considered very powerful and pure place where exorcism activities could take place. It has been said that if no medicines can cure you, only divine powers of Balaji can cure you.

Many scientific researchers, psychologists visited there to come up with some logics but they face failure in their tasks. Lord Hanuman is regarded as one of powerful God who saves people against evils. Pret Raj is also known as the king of spirits and is believed to hold meetings with spirits in his court and punish the ones who are found to be guilty, thus, helping the devotees to get rid of them. Bhairav is regarded as an incarnation of lord Shiva and is considered the destroyer of evil.

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