Speed up Your Metabolism to Lose Weight

Speed up Your Metabolism to Lose Weight


Want to lose weight? Simply increase your metabolism because speedy metabolism helps you lose more calories and cuts down your increasing weight.


Good metabolism is a ‘must’ to hasten up the process of weight loss. Pump up your metabolism with adequate food and good exercise regime.  Increasing your metabolism is not at all a difficult task. Seek the help of a nutritionist and plan your diet accordingly. Create a balance between your workout regime and diet and you are all set to hasten up the process weight loss.


Oneworldnews-India’s leading e-magazine tells you simple tips to enhance your metabolism and control weight.


Speed up Your Metabolism to Lose Weight



Interval Training:

Scientific studies have proved that a special strategic exercise called HIIT or the ‘high intensity interval training’ enhance your metabolic rate. Fitness experts recommend interval training as an effective way to shed excess weight and to stay fit and agile.


HIIT involves alternate high and low intensity workouts. High intensity exercises are cycling, speed running or jump training while low intensity periods involve mild exercises or even rest.


Start the ‘high intensity interval training’ regime and boost your metabolism.


Eat 4-5 Small Meals:

As against the common belief, skipping breakfast and eating big meals can have adverse impact on your metabolism.


Regularly skipping breakfast can retard your metabolism and brings a myriad of health ailments.


You should have 4-5 small frequent meals containing not more than 400 calories at a gap of 3-4 hours. This is a good practice for curbing your hunger pangs and keeping your energized all day long.


Drink more Water:

Water is vital for various life processes and for enhancing your metabolism level. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water whether you fell thirsty or not. Water pumps up the metabolism level and helps in burning your body’s stored calories.


These metabolism boosters are known to enhance your metabolism. So, follow these useful tips and lose weight in a sustainable way!


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