Special things every girl wants to tell her mother before she gets hitched!

Dear Mumma, it’s really painful to leave you!

Well, getting married to your loved one obviously gives you an immense feeling of joy but at the same time leaving behind your mother gives you a pain that is impossible to replace. Isn’t it? “How do you do this mom? How do you manage everything with a subtle smile and handle everything with such patience?” – An obvious question that pops up in every mind whenever we see our mothers.

The bond that nobody can  break

How hard is it to even imagine a day without our mommies? We could barely find anything without her. While making our every day count with her and getting ready for our new phase of life which is called “marriage”, certain things we have realized that will make you miss your mother right after your wedding.

Here it comes!

1.What would it be to wake up early without your voice?Asking you for another 5 minutes nap was easy. The sudden switch from ‘Uth Jaa beta’ to alarm click beeps will be real and will make you miss your mother badly.

2. Who will make sure all things are in place?No matter, how much messy cupboards, shoe racks, and study table have troubled her? She always managed to keep them organized. She is the best.

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3.No ‘maa ka haath’ ka khaana anymore! After a long tiring day, a lot of hard work the only question that excites us is ‘khane mai kya bnaya hai?’ Because we all know nothing is as finger licking well as the food you cook. Who can forget your Rajma Chawal? Living without the food that you make is not less than a curse.

4.Maggie- chai sessions are no longer fun: Yes, you have got it right, it’s difficult to enjoy eating Maggi without you and also gossiping about all those your Kitty-Aunties and their wardrobe failures was only fun with your special masala chai.

5.Thank you for being my friend and guru at the same time: Acceptance, love, and deal with failures are some of the lessons that mother’s taught us. Not only are you just our selfie-partner, also our first go-to person to munch on all the chit-chats that we just cannot keep in our stomach.

Madly and deeply in love with you!

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