Spanish PM Rajoy looses majority in elections!

Spanish PM Rajoy looses majority in elections!

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Spain has just concluded national parliamentary elections.  In the results, despite winning the largest number of seats, the ruling Popular Party has garnered just 123 seats, leaving it well short of a majority.

The socialists have come in second with 90 seats, followed by Podemos with 69.  Ciudadanos, which has a liberal agenda came in fourth with 40 seats.

This election has also demonstrated a shift in public opinion, with Podemos and Ciudadanos making a significant dent for the first time in the vote share of both Popular Party and The Socialists.


It may be noted that the Popular Party came into power the last time round with 186 seats, taking it comfortably over the minimum majority requirement of 176.

However, this time round with just 123 seats, the party falls well short by 53 seats, which it will have to make up by forming a coalition, if it wishes to remain in the saddle.

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