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Good News for Animal Lovers! South Korea might put a complete ban on Dog Meat

South Korean President had asked Prime Minister that if it was the appropriate time to prudently consider a ban on Dog Meat

How can one eat a dog? Isn’t that hard to believe that anyone would want to eat a dog but the dog meat trade continues in many parts of the world despite a massive outrage against the practice. Notably, the practice of eating dogs and cats have become less common as pet ownership has increased and the new generation doesn’t believe in age-old norms and has a different attitude when it comes to animals. But we have still a long way to go. According to the Humane International Society, an estimated 30 million dogs across Asia, including stolen pets are still killed for human consumption.  Recently, the South Korean President has hinted at a complete ban on dog meat and we are the happiest!

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The practise of consuming dog meat is common in China, South Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the region of Nagaland in India. Talking specifically about South Korea, dog meat consumption is a cultural practice that dates back centuries. But over the years, people have spoken against this cruel practice. Recently, South Korean President Moon Jae –hinted towards the complete ban. In a weekly meeting he said, “Hasn’t the time come to prudently consider prohibiting dog meat consumption?”, he asked the Prime Minister, according to a report in the Guardian.

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President’s Proposal reflects a Cultural shift in the country

The proposal of banning dog meat in the country reflects the cultural shift in the country. The younger generation in South Korea consider this practice taboo and they believe consumption of dog meat comes under animal abuse. But despite the declining popularity of the tradition, 1 million dogs are still eaten in the country, as per The Guardian. As per reports South Korean President Moon Jae – is known to be a big fan of dogs, however, this is the first time when he has proposed a full ban, according to BBC.

History of Dog Meat in South Korea

Talking about the history of eating dog meat in South Korea, it has a complicated legal history.  A 2018 ruling said that killing dogs for meat is illegal, however, there are no laws against the actual consumption of dog meat.  In fact, the country has dog meat dishes and they are known by a particular name. According to Humane Society, South Korea has 17,000 dog farms where animals are routinely prepared for human consumption. But to go ahead with the complete ban on dog meat in the country, support from the citizens is required. According to a report by BBC, 84 percent of South Koreans say they never had dog meat nor intend to. And 59 per cent say they support a ban!

Stop this
Stop this

Well, we also hope that country should go ahead with a complete ban on dog meat! We completely agree with the South Korean President that it’s time to put an end to eating dog meat. Like how can someone eat a dog? Dogs are known as man’s best friend and this must stop!  South Korea President’s word on the same is a welcome change!

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