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5 Songs by Modern Artists that strengthen the voice of dissent

Here are the 5 songs that speak volumes about the socio-political condition of the country

Remember Faiz Ahmed’s ‘Hum Dekhenge’? The song starts as – ‘Hum Dekhenge, Lazim hai ke hum bhi dekhenge, voh din ki jiska waada hai, Jo lauh-e-azl mein likha hai, Hum Dekhenge Hum Bhi dekhenge‘ which means ‘we shall witness, and it is certain that we will witness the day that had been promised, of which has been written on the slate of eternity, we shall witness that day’.

In 1979, the song was read in the context of Pakistan under the military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq as a sign of protest against their dictator. During the anti-CAA-NRC protest, this song was widely sung but the protestors and was used as a sign of dissent. Protest music has always been a way to express the voices through art and culture.

Considering the socio-political condition of the country here are a few songs that are acting as a way to express their voices –

1. Nazariya – Vivek Achalasia, Ritajaya Banerjee

The song, Nazariya as a few lines of the song reads as – ‘Aane wali nasal se, tujhko aankh milani hai, aaj teri aawa hai, kal pr ek kahani hai’, this song is a light, folk rendition. The imagery it draws if of the women at Shaheen Bhag protests and largely the other anti CAA protests. It talks about the voice for a revolution, how and what the citizens have to go through (specifically the women) to voice their resistance.

2. Chowkidaar – Roy & Dub Sharma

This Song is ironic, sarcastic and full of truth. Chowkidaar is a song that shows the progress of the country towards a dystopia. Here, the lawmakers constantly play with the citizens, the police is corrupt and bigoted and citizens are here to get exploited and harassed. Remember who started the naras of ‘Mai Bhi Chawkidaar’ and who all supported it? This song is an ironic take on them.

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3. Bakre Ki Amma – Gaurav Kadu, Fiddlecraft

Count out all the important issues and socio-political problems that came in your line during the last 6-7 years. This song will take you through all of them. It asks, “Bakre ki Am-ma kab take khair manayege” It questions up till what time, we are going to see all of this and still remain silent. If clear cut questioning is something, this song is a complete art parallel.

4. Danga Fasaad – Prashant Kr. Jha

Fascism, communal violence and the increasing Islamophobia in the country is what the song talks about. It is a satirical take on the misinterpretation of religions and preachings of their religion. Violence and riots in the name of religion, selling the country to the industrialists and capitalists and lawmakers losing their power of thinking. An ironic and subtle reality check for the country’s position, Danga Fasaad is an example of resistance towards fascism.

5. Poorna Swarj – RollsRoy’s

Posted on Kunal Kamra’s youtube channel, it starts with a question, “Poorna Swaraj, Sawaalo pr kyu ho bawaal?”. A song, written by Sumit Roy and Aman Agarwal, comments on the Journalism prevailing in the country, the fascism of the government and the questions the humanity itself. “It says sakti hai chaatro pr” and obviously if people will become educated, they will question, and hence again they will question, ‘Sawaalo pr kyu hai bawaal?’ (What is the problem in questioning).

If protests become illegal, what other option are the people of a nation left with? They make art, they speak through art. The above songs are just a few examples. Let us know about more such songs that are leading to a revolution in the comments.

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