Some Healthy Breakfast


What to eat is an important question while you are doing extensive workouts in gym sweating to lose your surplus weight.


Experts believe that healthy, fat-free and wholesome breakfast is essential for a dynamic day.


Healthy Breakfast:


Some Healthy Breakfast


The first step towards losing weight is to eat healthy food.


Here are some recommended foods for you:



Fresh fruits are ideal to be your first meal. Fruits are enriched with some unmatched benefits that keep you fit and healthy all day long.


You can choose from a long list of healthy fruits such as mango, guava, banana, apple, pomegranates, grapes, etc. they not only but also provide you with instant energy but also keep you agile and active in discharging your daily activities.


French Toast:

Make French toast with egg whites instead of whole eggs. French toast is healthy and filling. It avoids hunger cravings for a long time.



Oatmeal is rich in fiber content and is filling so it helps in shedding off your surplus calories. Oats have water –soluble fiber which is released in blood circulation instantly after consumption and prevents hunger spasms.


Tossed Salads coupled with Bread Croutons:

The varied health benefits of vegetables are known to all. There is simply no second say to it. Make a salad with seasonal vegetables and add bread croutons to it. This will add an extra life to your day.


Toasted Bagel with Jelly or Jam:

Eating fresh bagel can help you lose 160- 300 calories. Isn’t it amazing to incorporate in your breakfast to stay fit and agile.


Protein Shakes:

Drink protein shake or soy shake to accomplish your weight loss mission. Depending upon taste, add strawberries, almond, butter or blueberries.


Brown Rice:

Eat barley or brown rice in your breakfast. It is enriched with vitamin B and is quite filling. Garnish it with apple slices or grated almond.


Natural Yoghurt:

Yoghurt is delicious, yummy and healthy. Eat yoghurt in the morning and stay refreshed and revitalized all day long. Add some berries, sliced apple, chopped nuts, etc. to accentuate the taste and richness. It is full of proteins and calcium so take yogurt and start your day.


Scrambled Eggs:

Eat scrambled eggs with flaxseed or with fruit salads to stay active and energized.


Whole Wheat Tortilla:

You can also opt for whole wheat tortilla with chopped tomatoes grated cheese. Drinking green tea with whole wheat tortilla is an ideal breakfast.




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