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5 Tips to Help You Ace Your Amazon AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam with Use of Dumps

How to pass the SAA-C02 exam, here are some tips for you 

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is one of the most coveted in the industry. With the Amazon public cloud bearing the biggest share in the market, a certificate from them would only mean that you are among the best in your field of expertise. If you have set your heart on being a solutions architect, then the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate by Amazon is the one certificate that could be the link between you and a fulfilling career. However, to do this, you need to pass the SAA-C02 exam first. We’ll cover a few tips to help you do that.

Tips to Clear SAA-C02

  1. Get the foundational certificate first

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner designation is especially important if you are without any earlier interaction with AWS. You can take and pass the affiliated test within a few weeks in case you are revising daily. It is vital to obtain this foundation certification because it covers almost all rudimentary AWS services that will be tested for in the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. Look at it as setting a solid ground to passing the associate-level SAA-C02 exam – certbolt.com

  1. Study and understand key AWS Services

The AWS course will not be enough to prepare you for the official test. Thus, use hands-on labs and study services such as Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Kinesis, and more. These are services that will be tested in the final exam and you need to have practice-oriented knowledge of them to clear such a test.

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Solutions Architect Associate Exam

  1. Take and complete the relevant course

The training may not be enough for a newbie to ace the final test, but it is solid support for your exam prep. It covers everything you will be tested on and will equip you with the concepts & skills you need to clear your Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. In the first place, you should sign up for one of the official courses. Alternatively, candidates can get lectures from YouTube and listen to them online. Also, take notes as you study and most importantly, engage in the action-oriented labs. There is no better way to excel in AWS than using proper materials!

  1. Master the test-taking strategies

Every scenario-based test question will have a trick. Such items usually begin with large paragraphs, where each question includes a ‘kicker’ at the end. However, this is usually where the question itself will come from. This way, you will get an idea of what the scenario task needs you to figure out. If you take this approach, you will get the answers out of the scenario questions faster and have better chances of clearing the SAA-C02 exam.

  1. Take dumps

More strategies for test-taking can be greatly learned through practice. So, work thoroughly with dumps and ensure your practice covers all matters pertaining to the final test in such matters as formatting, outline, and timing. Your task is to find the most updated practice questions with answers and check your readiness for the actual exam.


Passing the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam is of great importance for your career as a solutions architect. Thoroughly study for this test and use all the helpful tips which include practising by using dumps to ensure that you master SAA-C02 as well as bag the coveted certificate.

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