Travel Solo: 5 solo trip every woman needs to take

Every woman should go on a solo trip to understand herself better

Traveling alone has always been a liberating experience that further promotes self-discovery, stretches your comfort zone and feeds all your passions. You have the freedom to now create your own schedule, be social when you want and relax when you want. Traveling alone opens you up to meeting new people and forming stronger connections than you would if you were with a travel mate. Here are reasons why every woman needs a solo trip.

Whether it is by choice or because your schedule does not line up with someone else, solo travel is an experience which every woman should experience at least once in her life.

 Travel Solo: 5 solo trip every woman needs to take
Solo Trip

Here are five places which you should soon head up for your next solo experience:

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Surrounded by some really beautiful architecture, world-famous museums and canals, Amsterdam is a safe, vibrant and friendly city with so much to explore on your own, you will never feel bored.

If you are not on a city walking tour, do as locals do and hop on a bike while you further explore some history at the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank House. Explore the city by water on a canal cruise, smell some beautiful tulips at the Amsterdam Tulip museum, and hit the city center shops of Kalverstraat and the Leidsestraat for some retail therapy.

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2. Goa, India

The lace is warm all year, with the palm trees dotting its 30 beaches; Goa receives over two million visitors annually. This beach state further provides a more western and relaxed atmosphere where the usual modest clothing rule that applies to the rest of India can be dropped. It is also the place women feel safe and can also travel around more freely.

 Travel Solo: 5 solo trip every woman needs to take
Woman on Solo Trip

3. Maui, Hawaii

Bring the spirit of Aloha into your life and let the Maui capture your heart with its beautiful coastline and abundance of colorful flowers. As a safe and laid back island, Maui has a lot of adventures, women can actually embark alone. Wrap a sarong around your waist and pin a frangipani in your hair to further embrace your full femininity.

4. Ubud, Bali

Surrounded by the rice paddies and lush forest just a stone’s throw away from the ocean, Ubud is the most amazing solo traveler’s paradise. Easy to walk everywhere safely and meet others, the town of Ubud boasts some of the most delicious and healthy meals for under five dollars. Shop at high quality local designer fashion stores, and load up on yoga clothes and mala beads on Hanuman Street.

5. Melbourne, Australia

Known for its artistic culture, award-winning food, some really amazing live music and the best shopping in Australia, Melbourne is a safe, interesting, and lively city for women traveling alone.

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