Things You Should About Lunar & Solar Eclipse in 2022

Date and time of all the Lunar and solar eclipse in 2022 and what will be the safe method to observe it.


Four eclipses in the year 2022

How to watch Solar Eclipse?

What will be the Sutak period?

An eclipse happens when a planet or a moon gets in the way of the sun’s light. Here on earth, we can experience two kinds of the eclipse: solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon gets in the way of the sun’s light and casts its shadow on earth, which means during the day, the moon moves over the sun, and it gets dark. During a lunar eclipse, the earth gets in the way of the sun’s light hitting the moon. A full moon fades away during the night as the earth’s shadow covers it up.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are considered significant events in the year, as per the Hindu calendar.

There were four eclipses in the year 2022. 

Partial solar eclipse, April 30, 2022

Solar eclipse

A partial solar eclipse will occur on Saturday, April 30, 2022. The celestial event will begin at 12:15 am (IST) and last until 4 am; however, as per the universal time coordinated, the partial solar eclipse will be visible from the south earthen Pacific Ocean, The Antarctic peninsula, and southern South America.

Total lunar eclipse, May 16, 2022

The first of two total lunar eclipses will take place in 2022. The celestial event will start at 7.02 am and last until 12:20 am. The eclipse will be completely visible over most of North and South America, seen rising over northwest North America and the Pacific Ocean and setting over Africa and Europe. Interestingly, this will be the first Lunar Eclipse that will be effective in India as well.

Partial solar eclipse, October 2022

It will be the last solar eclipse of the year, beginning at 16:29:10, and lasting until 17:42:01. The last solar eclipse of the year will be visible from Europe, the Urals in western Siberia, Central Asia, West Siberia, Central Asia, West Asia, and the northeast of Africa. The maximal phase of the partial eclipse will be recorded on the west Siberian plain in Russia near Novartis.

Total lunar eclipse, November 8, 2022Solar eclipse

A total lunar eclipse will take place on November 8, 2022, and the celestial event will last from 1:32 pm to 7.27 pm. It will be completely visible over the pacific, and most of North America will be seen on the rising moon over Australia and Asia. Moreover, the setting moon over South America and eastern North America. The eclipse will be visible in India too.

How to watch Solar Eclipse?

Through their social media channels, NASA will be running a live telecast of the solar eclipse on April 30, 2022. It can also be live-streamed through NASA’s YouTube channel.

What will be the Sutak period?

The sutak rules will not be followed during the eclipse in 2022. According to the belief, the sutak rules are followed only when there is a state of total eclipse. All solar eclipses this year are considered partial, due to which it will not be necessary to follow the sutak rules.

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