Explore Swinging: Are swingers really having fun in full swing

Explore Swinging: A lot of couples becoming swingers then you probably realise


  • Swinging is a lifestyle where married, unmarried couples become swingers to allow their partners to have sex with other people anywhere anytime.
  • Swingers experience sex with others without having any fear of jeopardising their existing relationship by establishing rules and boundaries that they follow when they get laid.
  • There is no surety that a swinging relationship and its bizarre lifestyle can be healthy for you as it is filled with lust and addiction that does not work for everyone.

Couples are trying out swinging and spouse swapping to alleviate sexual monotony in their lives 

People with multiple sexual fantasies are encouraged and are being welcomed into the world of permissiveness and free sex by the spread of the internet in India which has actually broken the barriers.

The Internet has brought that opportunity out to the urban middle class and today, these activities include married, committed couples, engaging in sexual activity with another couple, multiple couples, or a single individual.

Multiple surveys have suggested that the world of swinging is actually something that thousands of people participate in every day. Some dating websites even claim swingers are their most active users, while there are also dedicated sites that connect thousands of swingers and open-minded couples all around the country including India according to the different websites for Swinging where couples can sign up to find nearby parties to get laid and others interested in their sexual desires. In fact, you can find in Reddit’s own official thread people discussing the pros and cons of popular swinger sites along with swingers’ personal experiences.


Swinging is described as an act in which couples engage in group sex with partners other than their own – and surprisingly, this kinky trend has been around for decades.  It is a form of recreational sex between consenting adults, usually between two heterosexual couples or between a couple and a single female or male or even trans.

Married or coupled individuals enjoy these sexual experiences more than other married or coupled individuals and may occasionally seek out a single, non-coupled person to add to their lovemaking equation.


Swinging is not cheating or an affair because you are involved as a couple and that is what swinging is all about. It is a lifestyle where you keep on changing and swapping your partners to get laid and everyone involved has full knowledge of it and approves of the sex.

At times, most swinging is not a ‘free-for-all thing,’ according to experts and is orchestrated in a manner involving like-minded sexually curious individuals engaging in such activities to enhance their relationship.


Swinging can be often confused with an open relationship, but the two terms are not actually synonymous. While all swingers technically can have an open relationship (permission to have sex with anyone outside the relationship), not all people in open relationships are swingers.

The concept ‘Swinging’ is also not the same as polyamory, as polyamory involves the creation and maintenance of romantic feelings along with sexual bonds with multiple people. Swingers are typically seeking only sex or a desire to have more sex with no strings attached.


  • You fantasise about getting physical outside of your relationship no matter you are married or not.
  • You like the idea of watching your partner getting laid with other people.
  • You like novelty and adventure when it comes to physical pleasure.
  • You know how to separate lust, love and sex in your relationship.
  • You are fond of watching porn featuring threesome, foursome, wife swapping, and voyeurism and want to make it happen in reality.
  • You and your partner will trust each other completely even if you get laid with someone else.
  • You and your partner sometimes talk dirty about having more people in your intimate moments or partner swapping.
  • You’ve had a threesome in the past and thought it is all you can think about.
  • You’re very open-minded and sexually adventurous.


Swinging can be fun in many ways and before you do it in excitement, make sure you are fully aware of its good side and the dark side too. Here are some red flags you should watch out for:

  1. It does involve play like oral, kissing, touching, and fingering sort activities at first but then, it goes all the way and you won’t be able to stop yourself.

  2. You can explore your deepest darkest fantasies here with strings attached.

  3. Couples who are not from the community and want to get laid with you.

  4. There are scam couples who usually steal your number/pictures and pretend to be you on other websites

  5. When your partner is forcing you to get involved.

  6. Single guys who pretend to be coupled.

  7. Anyone who is not being straight from the start and lying about everything.

  8. Someone who was using a fake profile or false information.

  9. Your relationship is safe if your partner has the same mindset and is ok with what you’re doing and also wants to be a part of swinging and still wants you as a partner.

  10. Swinging won’t be a safe and sensible idea to heal or enhance your relationship or just to try and experience for fun as it may develop a change of feelings towards your partner and depend on those changes, it could easily impact your relationship leaving intact or will end eventually.

Before even you get into any relationship, it is very important to communicate with your partner in the beginning and be very clear and truthful about what you’re comfortable with and what you can’t accept or tolerate, says Divination Practitioner and Energy Healer Vibha Sharma.

“It is essential to have discussions about your desires for such activities and create a plan for what happens if one of you changes your mind. Although it is a fact that we can’t always plan for the future, a conversation can really help keep things amicable”, Sharma added.

Swinging is still very much considered a taboo everywhere but now it has become a subject you’re likely to discuss with your colleagues at work after an exciting weekend.

Sharma warns, however, that swinging is definitely not for everyone, even if it has enhanced or improved the sex lives of many couples.

It doesn’t take time for things to go wrong when insecurities, jealousy and communication difficulties take place in the relationship, and when you will add swinging into it, it can easily ruin relationships instead of improving them because the most common reasons for divorce include lack of commitment, Infidelity, said Sharma.

The fact is no matter how fascinating you feel swinging is, it all comes down to one thing which is the real question, would you be really able to share the love of your life with someone else?

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