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5 Soft Skills for every woman to succeed at Work: Expert Tip by Renu Mehra

5 Soft Skills that can make you stand out, check where do you stand?

Employment in India has witnessed a huge shift. When it comes to becoming the perfect fit for a company, an employer considers almost every aspect of your resume. Gone are the days when only hard skills were required for a particular position in an organisation. The recruitments have become more demanding, and expect aspiring candidates to be more prompt. Unlike hard skills, which can be measured, soft skills are hard to be measured. But they have become an integral part of hirings.

Hard skills mean employee’s ability to do a specific task, and soft skills mean how an employee does it, adaptability, solving problems, decision making, among others.  These days’ soft skills have become really important. You can be good at what you do, but if you aren’t working on your soft skills, then you might miss out some big opportunities.

Here are the top 5 Soft Skills that every woman needs to learn to succeed at work:

1. Conflict Resolving: More than one employee in an organisation will lead to conflicts. It is human nature. And you will often face more resistance from your co-workers when you are a woman. Guess what? You need to learn this soft skill.  Maintaining a cordial relationship with your co-workers is the need of the hour. It is important to focus on bigger goals, not on personal goals.

2. How you communicate: There is always a way to communicate your things to others. Be it your team members or even with your team members. Effective communication leads to better results. Poor communication can lead to discontent so deliver your message right.

3. Emotional Intelligence: It is one of the most important Soft Skill that one needs to develop. The ability to control emotions at work and understanding the influence of others emotions comes under EQ. According to a study, 23 per cent of employees who do not meet the expectations during the first 18 months of the job are due to low EQ.  It can have a huge impact on work performance.

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4. Stress Management: Balancing work and personal life is a bit difficult. A lot of times it takes a toll on our mental health. Stress has become a common part of the modern work experience, especially in the digital sphere. It is important to manage stress at work. Take breaks, practice deep breathing, and try to stay away from social media.

5. Accepting Feedback: Be open to feedback. It could be negative too. Take notes from your co-workers. Mark your strengths and mark your areas to work on.  Accept the feedback gracefully and then work on them.

What Experts have to say?

 Soft skills are an amalgamation of various life skills like Communication, Emotional intelligence, Empathy, Interpersonal skills, Time management etc which enhance our performance on our personal, professional and social platforms. Women walk a tight rope between work, home, social pressure and kids. Knowledge of soft skills helps us tackle each of our varied roles as a wife, mother, daughter, professional, boss, a social influencer with finesse and ease. Knowing when, how & what to say, how to tackle different ego states in various spheres of her life, how to manage herself and distribute her time effectively allow her to move from one role to another with ease. The outcome is a happier, stronger woman in harmonious surroundings and a major credit of it can be attributed to her awareness, knowledge and practice of Soft Skills, says Renu Mehra Image consultant, Corporate Trainer & Stylist, President IMPA (Image Management Professionals Association), Delhi.

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