Society is scared of independent woman, here is why?

Secret Revealed: How to handle independent woman

First question that comes to your mind just after reading this is what’s wrong in being independent?

No, no here we are not referring for men. They can be independent as society is completely comfortable from their acts; here we are entirely going to talk about woman independency.

World is changing and with this changing world people are also trying to change their mind sets towards various issues but not for the woman.

Women are still considered as second gender and are not getting equal respect that they actually deserve. Living alone in a city for job purpose can actually be a problem for you.

Society is scared of independent woman, here is why?
We know how to look sexy all the time

You will be perceived as a criminal if you are living alone as people will always try to find that what actually going on inside your house Huh!

But independent or deep woman are always too difficult to handle as they are always very particular and ambitious for their work that society can’t afford their determination.

Here, are some basic reasons why they are so difficult to handle.

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You cannot handle them, see why?

1. When an ego centric male meets a true boss bitch, he doesn’t know how to handle it and tends to show fight or flight reaction.

2. We don’t need a man because we can do things by our own. We are not dependents on others else we love to enjoy doing our work.

3. We are already in love ourselves therefore we come out as strong and an independent woman.

Society is scared of independent woman, here is why?
Work means work

4. We expect intelligent conversation this is so we reached to that mental level that we will ofcourse not going to waste our time on stupid chit chats.

5. We are sexy and we know it. Yes, we have full confidence on our personality and never lose chance to flaunt it off.

6. We hardly care what people say about us. As we mentioned society is unable to accept independent women so they will definitely speak shit things about you but we very well know how to ignore it all.

Deep or independent woman are not at all relationship material

Yes, this is true. Here are the reasons we have come up with:-

1. Deep woman always come up with deep questions

Society is scared of independent woman, here is why?
So try to beat our level

2. She is always honest

3. She knows what she wants

4 A deep woman demands strong relationship which every man can’t give

5. She demands consistency

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