Social Media Addiction is Hazardous to Health

Social Media Addiction is Hazardous to Health; here are some cons of using it on a regular basis

Social media age is taking the world by storm. Staying away from your phones is next to impossible. We continuously check our whatsapp messages, our Facebook notifications just because of the Social Media addiction , and do you know its addiction can severely affect you in many ways.

Here are some cons of social media:

1-Social media and the news

Much of the news information that people read about comes from social media websites, and that figure estimate is around 27.8 %. This figure ranks just under print newspapers at 28.8%, greater than radio’s figure of 18.8% and far outpaces the figure for other print publications at just 6%.

Social Media Addiction is Hazardous to Health
Social media networking sites

2-Too much misinformation

With the advent of the web, people have created their own websites and blogs. While many of those blogs were just basic diaries, a few of them were about topics like health and politics while others were how to blogs.

Many blogs have turned into rumor mills, spreading misinformation that people tend to believe just because it’s on web.

Rumors about hurricane Sandy and gunfights in other countries like Mexico have been picked up by reliable news services, and this misinformation has been shared without the proper vetting of the sources providing the information, giving us a major con of social media.

3-Pupils spending too much time on social media sites have lower academic grades

Here is another argument on the cons of social media as it pertains to students. Statistics show that pupils using social media too often tend to have GPA’s of 3.06 compared to GPA’s of 3.82 for pupils who do not use social media.

Social Media Addiction is Hazardous to Health

An even scarier fact is that students who use social media tend to score 20% lower on their test scores than their counterparts.

4-Social media sites to blame for lost productivity

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a direct cause for lost productivity at the workplace. In a survey 36% of people said that social networking was the biggest waste of time in comparison to activities like fantasy football, shopping, and watching television.

5-Social media is the cause for less face to face communication

One last discussion about the cons of social media is lack of ‘one on one’ communication. In a 2012 study families who reported spending less time with one another rose from a level of 8% in 2000 to 32% in 2011.

The study also reported that 32 % of the people in the survey either were texting or were on social media sites instead of communicating with each other during family gatherings.

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