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10 things to know about social distancing, ‘Confusion Khatam’

While we are practising social distancing, a lot of us don’t know what to do or what not to do

The pandemic is at our doors and we are trying everything in our capacity to stop the deadly virus from spreading. In fact, I am writing this article from my home and not from office as I am practising social distancing. Like me, many of you would have gone into quarantine mode and started practising social distancing. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding the social distancing currently. In this article, you will get to know the right way of practising social distancing.

1. Try to avoid going out to eat something. It’s important to distance yourself from the crowd, because it might happen that even the infected person doesn’t know about his situation. If you are adamant at going outside to eat, try going for open-air space with fewer footfalls.

2. You don’t need to limit your interaction with your family, partner or roommate if you are not sick.

3. You have to avoid going to the gym for few days. We know, it sucks, but going to the gym could be dangerous. Try going for a run or workout from home.

4. If you have been put under quarantine, don’t ask anyone to come to visit you. Video call them if they or you really want to see them.

5. You should not start stock-piling, you just need 2 weeks supply to get through the quarantine. Just have enough basics as you would have normally bought during grocery shopping.

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6. Covid-19 is contagious but it is not airborne. You can go outside but you will have to keep washing your hands, maintain proper hygiene and keep and arm’s distance from people.

7. Try avoiding using public transport as much as you can. Either drive yourself or take a cab to the workplace. The best option is working from home.

8. You can go to the parks to get some sun but make sure that you are not touching surfaces and maintaining a good distance with other people.

9. Dating is something, you will have to avoid for a few weeks. Use the internet to meet your partners.

10. You can’t get a virus from food. But you should ask your delivery guy to maintain the basic level of hygiene. Also, you can ask him to keep the food at your door limiting the change of hands and ensuring that there is no physical contact.

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