Sneak – Peek From Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Reception

Here is all you need to know about Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Reception

Queen Elizabeth recently organized a royal party at Buckingham Palace to mark the start of the UK- India year of culture. Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera, founders of Indian Jewellery House Amrapali, were guests of the Queen at the royal reception. Here are few things you need to know about Queen Elizabeth’s royal reception.

Amrapali was the only jewellery house from India that was present at the event. While meeting with the Amrapali’s founders, The Queen Elizabeth remembered her Jaipur event. She had visited Jaipur in the year 1961. At the same time, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton recollected her memory about wearing Amrapali earrings on her maiden visit to India last year. The Queen and The Duchess seemed very excited on hearing the news of the forthcoming Amrapali Museum in Jaipur that celebrates the jewellery and art objects that the founders have collected on their travels since founding the House in 1978.

Elizabeth's Royal Reception
Elizabeth’s Royal Reception

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Rajiv Arora said, “The Amrapali Museum will showcase a variety of pieces influenced by British Gold and silver smithing, but that has been made in India. These pieces would be Amrapali’s contribution to India culture year in U.K. and would be a great source of research and study for British museums, designers besides students of arts and culture.”

On this lovely occasion, Mr. Arora said, “It’s been an honour and privilege to have been chosen by, Her Majesty, The Queen, to represent our nation at this special reception. For years, Amrapali has had close ties with the UK and I consider it my second home. This is a wonderful way to enrich the relationship between both our nations further and strengthen our cultural bond.”

The innovative ideas and culture exchange between UK and India has made the bond between these two nations stronger. This reception brought together those who are conservators of Indian culture, from film to sport, business to art. We expect that these kinds of soft gatherings with other nations will open some more exciting opportunities for India.

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