Snapchat lovers it is exclusively for you!

Snapchat lovers it is exclusively for you!

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many more are best social working sites we can work in. Almost every girl is on Snapchat today. It’s like her new bff, hope yours too!

It’s amazing, fun and extremely addictive. It gives your friends a virtual peek into your reality! If you are on Snapchat too, here are few things that you’ll totally relate to!

1. Checking your friends’ stories and updating your own story has become a part of life
2. You are obsessed of trying new filters available on the smapchat. Pretty sure that the dog or the flower crown filter are among your favourites!
3. Now you need not to tell people that was your day because they already know what you did, what you ate, what you wore and where you went.

Snapchat lovers


4. Even though WhatsApp messaging exists, there is a different thrill of chatting through snapchat.
5. Snapchat gives you the freedom to be your creative self and think of your phone’s screen to be a canvas!
6. One of the best features on Snapchat is that it lets you know who viewed your snaps!
7. “Follow me on Snapchat” is in the bio description on your Facebook, Insta, Twitter and even on your Linkedin profile! Hello, snapchatters!
8. There have been times when you liked a snap so much that you’ve saved it, resized it and uploaded it on insta. Face it! The best selfies are clicked on snapchat.

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