Smoke Breaks at workplace : Here is why you are legally allowed to take smoke breaks in a day!

Legal phenomenon about smoke breaks you should know about!

Smoke breaks have become really common these days. Every workplace are now open to these smoke breaks. Workers in the UK are legally entitled to one type of break while at work. The rest break gives the workers the right to one uninterrupted 20 minute rest break during their working day, if they work more than 6 hours a day. This could be a tea or lunch break. The break does not have to be paid – it depends on their employment contract.

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Employers can say when their staff are to take their rest break while at work, as long as it is taken in one go and somewhere in the middle of the day. Workers are also allowed to spend it away from their desk or workstation. According to research that increase their productivity .

No to smoke breaks

Unless a worker’s employment contract says so, they do not have the right to take a smoke break at anytime outside of their alloted break time. While many organisations are now open to smoke breaks as well. But giving to much smoke breaks can ruin employees health.

What about smoking shelters?

There is no requirement for outdoor smoking shelters to be provided for employees or members of the public.

However, if an employer decides to install shelters it must comply with the legislation to ensure that the shelter is not “substantially enclose”, or the shelter itself will be caught by the smoke-free legislation.

What about electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, which are designed to simulate the act of smoking, release nicotine but do not contain tobacco. If employees are too much obsessed with cigarettes then make them try to use electronic because it is less dangerous.

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