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COVID is not over & smog has already taken over the National Capital: 6 Simple Steps to protect yourself

Double Whammy for Delhiites: COVID Crisis and Smog, here are a few things you can do to stay safe and healthy


It is already mid-October, and we are looking forward to new beginnings. Festival season is around the corner and people all across the world are hoping for better days. 2020 was very harsh. Many people lost their loved ones due to COVID. The crisis left the Indian economy crippled, which resulted in massive unemployment. Crime against women saw a sharp rise and what not? 2020 left us confused, scared and taught some major lessons for the rest of our life. And it is still not over. Recently, India also mourned 1 lac deaths that happened due to corona. Slowly and steadily, life is heading towards a new “normal”. But a lot of things changed in these six months. Well, the crisis is still not over and it is important to take all necessary precautions.


(Its time to be extra cautious)

Talking about India, nobody can really predict the peak of Corona in this country. But according to a report, India might have crossed its peak in the 14 day period between September 17 – September 30. Specifically, talking about National capital Delhi, the recovery rate is high now. It was hit by the virus very badly in the month of June. Deaths after deaths were reported, the situation in the city was scary. Well, now, the city is recovering fast. But its double whammy for people in Delhi. Corona crisis isn’t over yet, and smog has already taken over the city, which has taken a toll on air quality. In that case, it becomes really important to be extra cautious.

Here are a few things that you can do to be safe and healthy: It’s time to be extra cautious


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1. Hydration is the key:  Be it winters, summers or any other season, one should stay hydrated. Hydration keeps a lot in keeping diseases away. It cleanses your body and purifies it.


(Hydration is the key)

2. Amla juice or candy both can boost your immunity: This is the time when you have to stay extra cautious. Amla is full of vitamin c and regular intake of it can boost your immunity. It will help you to fight infections. Apart from it, amla also promotes hair growth.


3. Do not forget the mask: People aren’t wearing it now as they are tired of wearing it. Please do not forget your mask. It will keep you safe from corona as well as smog. Inhaling polluted air can cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Try to use washable ones. Every time you come back home, wash it properly.

indoor plants
Indoor Plants

(Plants  can come handy)

4. Indoor Plants : Okay! You can use air purifiers at your place. But it always good to choose the natural way.  Try indoor plants to get purified air naturally. This will have a soothing effect on your mind too.

5. Tulsi : The best herb that can be used to treat several types of infection. If you have tulsi ka paani in the morning after you wake up, it will definitely boost your immunity.


(Take care of kids_)


6. Turmeric Milk :  Intake of turmeric is good for your overall health. It protects us from several types of respiratory diseases. It can treat allergy, coughs and cold.


There is no Permanent Solution and that’s the truth!

Air Pollution has become a problem with no concrete solution  in the National Capital. Every year, people in Delhi suffer this. As soon as the winter season approaches, it signals the annual return of the dreaded pollution in the city. It is caused due to stubble burning in Haryana and Punjab. Why this year is sounding even more dangerous? Economic services have been resumed after covid – induced lockdown and it could end up being a big culprit. Children and the elderly are more prone to respiratory diseases. It is advisable to keep them indoors.


(Not over yet)

Also, before wrapping up, the corona crisis is not over yet, do not forget to practice social distancing. As they say #Jab tak Dawai nhi, tab tak dhilaai Nhi.


Be safe! And stay indoors

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