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Smart Snacking!


High time to switch from junk snacking to healthy snacks! Isn’t it? But do you actually know what to munch other than the routine food items?


No worries! Oneworldnews gives you a comprehensive account of some easily available healthy snacks.


Say ‘no’ to baked potatoes, fat-free ice creams, or energy bars. Choose everything that is organic and natural.  Bran muffins and even the cereal bars claim to be ‘healthy’ but are actually loaded with added sugar and unhealthy fats.


Top Tips for Smart Snacking:

Choosing snacks wisely is a great idea but widen your knowledge before you step out to do so. Spend your valuable money on things that are healthy and of great nutritious value.


Pick the Grains:

Whole grains such as low-salt tortilla chips or pretzels contain fiber in high amount and are a source of energy and vitality. So include them in your list of healthy snacks.


Bring your Breakfast Back:

Breakfast items such as a slice of whole grain bread can be repeated in the day time as a healthy snack to curb your hunger pangs.  You can top the slice with a low-sugar granola or jam to make it more delicious and tasty.


Try a “Hi-Low” Combination:

You can try something healthy with a little amount of butter or can have large portion of some light food item like celery sticks or apple slices. This hi-low combo works best in satiating your hunger and at the same time checks excess calorie intake.


Go Nuts:

No-salted nuts and seeds are wonderful snacks. Essential nutrients are present in walnuts, hazelnuts, filberts, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashews, etc. They do not make you feel bloated up like pretzels or chips. Keep your nut intake small as they have a lot of calories.


The Combo Snack:

Make your snack a combo and balanced snack which implies that it should have fat, proteins and carbohydrates in equal proportion. You can have some nuts, a bowl of salad, few grapes, and a piece of low-fat cheese. Such balanced snack will keep you healthy and satisfied. It will curb your cravings for further eating.


Some Low Calorie Snacks


Snack Mindfully:

Never eat your snack while watching TV, working on your desktop or laptop and reading morning newspaper. Pause for few minutes and have your snack. It too, requires your attention.


Carry your Snack:

Every morning plan what would you like to eat as snack and carry a small bag of healthy snack. This will keep you away from ordering cookies or chocolate in the office or in college canteen.


Healthy eating is mandatory for energy, vitality, healthy heart and longevity. So eat healthy! Stay healthy!



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