Ever wondered what your sleeping position reveals about your relationship?

Sleeping positions may not be a romantic gesture but it does explains about your relationship status.

Did you know sleeping next to someone you love has amazing health benefits starting from reducing stress to boosting our immunity? Experts also say that couples sleeping positions can say a lot about what kind of relationship they are in and how they really feel about each other.

We in One World News believes that we should try to learn more about ourselves, our true feelings, and what they mean, so here are some popular couples’ sleeping positions and their hidden meaning:

1. Spooning each other: It is a traditional intimate and comforting position that you can provide to your partner with a lot of emotional support and skin-to-skin contact. It is one of the most widely known couples’ sleeping positions, which involves one person who acts as the ‘big spoon’ resembles a close hug.  It is a way saying that I’ve got your back so you can count on me. Couples also prefer ‘loose spoon’, and chase spoon in certain situations.

The position signifies a certain level of comfort and is good for the health of both the partners as it doesn’t put any kind of pressure on the back and helps you to have a good sleep.

2. Intertwined: It is known to be an extremely sensual position for the new couples, who can’t keep their hands off each other, even when their sleeping. Couples especially the ones who have been in a long-term relationship rarely sleep this way, but if they do, it is a sign of incredible love and passion and may indicate co-dependency in a relationship.

However, this isn’t the best sleeping position when it comes to health. Close physical contact doesn’t leave much space for breathing and partners may suffer from body aches in the morning due to joint stiffness.

3. Face to face (touching or not touching): If your partner looks at you, then there’s a good chance he/she feels distant and wants to reconnect, or is looking for more attention, intimacy, or communication, but haven’t received it so far in the relationship. If your body touches or even if there is a touching play, it indicates a good sign. However, if the touching is missing then it may seem like a problem and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially when partners are able to listen to each other and grow from that experience.

The position is comfortable in terms of physical health as long as couples still love each other. This position has been proved to be the best for pillow talk, which can help boost your intimacy level and promote an open conversation about the feelings and needs of each other.

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4. Back to back: Sleeping back to back is also known as the liberty lovers is a relaxed position that allows both couples to enjoy sleep facing opposite directions with space in-between. It indicates a healthy balance between intimacy and personal independence and couples choose this position to feel comfortable with each other want to express their tender feelings. Since both partners choose to sleep freely on their side, it is known to be a healthy position for their backs.

It may be a sign of closeness but also independence and is comfortable for the couples to get their own spaces to use to get a nice sleep and is a form of side sleeping, so your back may feel better the next day.

5. Head-on the chest: This position is full of care as one partner rests with head and arm on the other’s chest as it represents vibrant and passionate love for each other. Couples who sleep like this always see each other as a team where one partner is more dominant but in a healthy way. They blindly trust each other and are always prepared to face all their problems together with romance and tenderness and shows a protective side of one of the partners.

However, compared to all the romantic touching, it is fact that this position isn’t very comfortable as couples may suffer from back pain or stiffness of the limbs and make them feel too uncomfortable to move to get a good night’s sleep.

6. Leg touch/hug: When your partner tries to play footsie with you in bed, taps your leg or intertwines his/her leg with yours, clearly means that they are craving for an emotional or sexual encounter.  This is also a sign that they can’t get enough of each other and your lives are intertwined and you work as a pair. The position is a gentle and tender sign of a desire for a more emotional connection in the relationship.

If both the partners do it and act responsive, it’s a good sign which shows passion and love in the relationship.

Some partners constantly look for ways to express their love for their partner and try their own customize sleeping positions to enjoy their sleep. Sleeping positions which requires intimacy is actually a sign of love and trust.

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